Juggling Skills!

Juggling Skills!

I used to juggle you know, properly with balls and clubs and the occasional stuffed teddy bear. It took a lot of practise and I dropped them all the time at first , but being the bloody minded person I am, I persisted.  To be honest I have no natural co-ordination at all, so I always juggled with an off rhythm with made me look like I was juggling with a limp, but I did ok.

At one stage Horace and I even ran juggling workshops for kids, did the ocassional juggling gig at a nightclub (with glow in the dark balls no less!) and did a few promotional events where we simply threw balls around for a couple of hours and got paid for it.  It was fun.  The nightclub gig was a little traumatic because people kept nicking my very expensive, much loved, flashing balls from me and my mate had to keep running after whoever had nabbed them  before they got stolen, stuffed in bags and taken home.  It was an experience though and it meant we got a cheap night out at least.

My pride and joy were my fire-balls, I loved them, although I eventually sold them as they burnt my hands a few times, they were definitely easier with gloves. Funnily enough I never really mastered them, can’t think why.  Maybe because, although I loved them, they were actually downright dangerous.  But I did try!

I used to love club juggling in particular, not just throwing three in a figure of eight pattern either – I’m talking ‘Chops’ ‘Mills Mess’ (on a very good day), ‘Doubles’, ‘Triples’, lots of tricks.  It was an odd skill of mine, although I don’t claim to have been brilliant, I know a lot of other people who were far better than me. Passing clubs between two people was fun too, although I found that particularly difficult.  The amount of times I had smashed nails and bruised palms from throwing them around!  Ah, those were the days!

These days I barely juggle, every now and then I’ll have a mess with throwing balls with kids, but I just don’t have the time or the inclination.  I miss my hobby, but then things always change don’t they.  But…

As from this week, I will have to learn how to juggle again.  But not with balls and clubs this time.  This time it will be with work and childcare.   Yep, you heard me right.  Work. WORK!!!  Woo Hoo!  Finally after a year of going crackers, longing to ‘do’ something I have got myself a job, doing blogs, Facebook stuff, website content maintenance etc.  Part time till September, and then full time when Darlek goes back to school and Sausage goes into reception.  I shall be a working mum and let me tell you, I am ready for the challenge!  Bring it on!

I’m hoping I can become as adept at this sort of juggling as I was with clubs and balls.  Here we go, a demonstration:

*Kay lobs a club in the air and watches it spin* – this is the school run.

*Kay throws another spinning club in the air* – this is the ‘getting the bus on time’.

*Kay swings another club aloft* – this is the work bit where it gets tricky, and I have to write stuff and make it look impressive.

…………..(please clap)………

*Now I do a clever swipe where I chop one club between another and throw an underhand with a double spin* – this is the catching the bus back, picking the kids up and organising tea bit.

*Next I use my hand to catch the other whirling club and fling it into the air, snapping a nail as I do, throwing a triple* – here is the bit where I get the kids bathed and bedded, both happy and smiling.

And so on, and so on, and so on, ad infinitum.  But it’s nothing impressive really, it’s what every mum does every day isn’t it.  The thing is, with the work aspect, it’s all new to me, and it’ll take a ton of practising.  I hope I can keep all the clubs in the air, that I won’t drop anything, that I can carry this off with even just a tiny bit of the style and panache I used to have in my mid twenties.   I can only try.  Wish me luck!


7 responses to “Juggling Skills!

  1. Yay, congratulations! So happy for you 🙂

  2. Good luck! And congratulations too, I seem to have missed saying that before!

  3. Good luck and you will be fine. Its just a question of getting into a routine

  4. you will manage, whats the worse that happrns, you drop a ball or two on your feet.

  5. Mummy Drinks Tea

    Yay, go girl!!

  6. good luck, enjoy the ride & I hope you manage to keep all your balls in the air 🙂

  7. My bf juggles, although he’s yet to master clubs, so I’m properly impressed that you could juggle with fire balls 🙂 Good luck with the new job.

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