Appliances Online! The Inspiration for the Penguin Amnesty!

Appliances Online!  The Inspiration for the Penguin Amnesty!

Please click HERE to see how many penguins have been donated and what they’ve all been up to!  The house is full of ’em!  All of them are being donated to the Post Pals charity after this blog/vlog review has been completed. I’ve been amazed by how generous people have been .  Here’s a flipper full of applause for the lot of you!
Post Pals - Putting a Smile on Childrens Faces

I know I’ve gone on about penguins rather a lot recently, and this is why!  Finally I am announcing the blog review product that inspired it all!

…………………..please click your beaks in an excited fashion……………………..

Here it is!  

APPLIANCES ONLINE sent this Silver Hotpoint MSZ900NDF American Freestanding Fridge Freezer over to the Brink of Bedlam household to review and I simply couldn’t believe my luck and good fortune.  I think it’s only fair to pass on the good karma and do something for someone else, so erm…penguins.  It does make sense honest!

So, I’m doing one straight vlog review without penguins, and then another daft one with penguins.  I hope you’ll watch both.  The penguins are very fussy and will give you their honest opinion, as will I.

The Penguins and the kids love it! Especially the ice-maker ;O)

4 responses to “Appliances Online! The Inspiration for the Penguin Amnesty!

  1. oooh very nice….you are one very lucky but very well deserving lady, and they chose you because you are wonderful

  2. I am blushing terribly now. You are very kind Elaine and I am indeed very, very lucky. :O)

  3. Awesome, lucky lucky you. But so very much deserved. Appliances Online are lovely too! What a fantastic thing you’re doing with the penguins xx

  4. well that was worth waiting for 🙂 looking forward to the reviews you lucky lot! & a big well done on your penguin amnesty, it seems to be going great guns now!

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