Why, Why, Why?

Why, Why, Why?

‘Why??’  As a mum, this one word is one I deal with every single solitary day, over and over and over and over again.  ‘Why is the sky blue?’ ‘Why do I have to wear my underpants this way round?’ ‘Why should I eat with my fork, my fingers work better?’ ‘Why doesn’t the moon fall down?’ etc etc.  This is the topic of a meme Wendy from  Inside the Wendy House tagged me with. The aim is to include questions that WE want answers to.

So here are my ‘Whys?’  Any answers will be appreciated.  In fact I demand answers, just like the kids do, it’s my turn to be a nuisance.  Please tell me…..
1)  Why can’t I walk in heels without staggering around looking like I’m drunk.  Was I born without balance?  Am I allergic to pointy, smart shoes?
2)  Why do I read approximately five books at a time on average, stack and topple them next to my bed, lose them constantly, forget the page I’m up to, have to re-read them and retrieve them from the kids’ bedrooms after Sausage has used them as ammunition whilst arguing with his sister.  Why don’t I just buy a Kindle, drop it in the bath and save time and effort.
3)  Why can’t I stop staring at the bathroom, hoping it’ll one day clean itself as if by magic.  It’s never going to happen is it?
4)  Why do I become obsessed with random projects that have absolutely nothing to do with real, practical every day life.  Penguins.  Say no more.
5)  Why do I write detailed lists, ignore the most important points and then lose them when I’m bored of looking at them.  Accidentally on purpose of course…..
6)  Why do I read cookbooks on the loo?  It’s probably just not nice.
7)  Why do my jeans always end up with holes in the left knee.  Do I have a sharp knee?  Will the lady at the charity shop ever pluck up enough courage to ask me that?
8)  Why can’t I eat just one biscuit, instead of the whole packet plus a packet of crisps and a Snickers.
9)  Why do I have 9518 emails in my inbox?  Who put them there?  Was it you?!!! *stares accusingly*
10)  Why won’t the spacing work on this stoopid blog!  Why are there no gaps and why can’t I add them? *rages*
10)  Why do I always say ‘So there you go?’
So there you go!!!!  That’s me done.  Now I’m passing this meme onto some other lovely bloggers.  If you want to join in with this you just have to:
1) Post your whys – as many or as few as you like.
2) Link your post to Mummy Central, and it would be great if you could leave a comment too.
3) Tag 5 bloggers to keep this going.
4) If you’re not a blogger, leave your whys as a comment below!  I’d love to read them!
5) Show your support by reading a few others and commenting on them.
I’m tagging Tracy at WhiteLilyGreen, (although she’s v busy with a beautiful new baby so if she doesn’t have time, no worries!)  Dragons and Fairy Dust  Mummy Drinks Tea, Elaine from Fun-as-a-Gran and Older Single Mum!  Gotcher!

4 responses to “Why, Why, Why?

  1. 1) Because you probably spent all your time climbing trees and catching newts rather than learning to walk in heels, like the rest of us.
    2) Because reading one book is easy – where’s the challenge?
    3) Because bathrooms are innately evil. It taunts you by pretending one day it will clean itself, whereas in reality it will do no such thing. It’s too busy planning a backpacking trip around South Asia.
    4) This one surely has to have the answer “Why not?”
    5) If you’ve written a list, that makes you an innately organised person. Whether you complete the list is totally irrelevant.
    6) It is a graphic representation of the Circle of Life.
    7) As head of your household, I presume it is because everything that gets lost is actually under your knee. That’s what happens in our house, everything is under the Boy’s knee.
    8) On account of being hungry and requiring variety in your diet.
    9) Ha! It was me! I called up nearly 10 000 people and told them all to email you! And they did!
    10) Because computers are stoopid, contrary creatures and the sooner someone invents an easier way of doing all this where ‘turn it off and on again’ is not the main way to solve a problem, the better.
    10) Same reason I have to physically restrain myself from starting EVERY paragraph on my blog with “So…”

    I have a question.
    Why were there two question 10’s in your list? Surely that is mathematically improbable and scientifically dubious?

  2. Ah, that was a trick ‘Why?’ question. The last one was ‘Why can’t I count?’ (I failed maths gcse more times than I care to admit…) Love your answers Laura, particularly the one in regards to reading cook books on the loo! *actual proper laugh out loud at that answer*

  3. I’m 100% with you on the shoe front. I wish I could wear elegant girl shoes sometimes instead of Uggs or DMs or Converse. Sadly I stagger like a drunkard on stilts and cry because my bunion hurts! The mystery of why one biscuit is never enough nearly made my list too. It is physically impossible to moderate snacking! Great Why questions!!

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