I’ve chosen ‘Contented’ as the name for this blog, because I am, for the moment, very much so.

After raiding the cupboard this evening I’ve found and eaten a massive bag of marshmallows, and I have a small glass of red wine perched on the ‘puter table amidst the papers and general disarray of stuff I scatter everywhere.  I have to say my tummy feels like I’ve eaten a beach ball, but it was worth it.  Not sure if the red wine is a good idea, but I’ll drink it anyway because it’s a nice end to a great weekend.

The kids are back home after a weekend away with my lovely in-laws, Horace is out at the cinema watching some ‘orrible Prometheus film about aliens and fings and I’m going to have an early night after a lush relaxing weekend.

My blog review project that revolves around penguins is going swimmingly, which is appropriate at least and I’m pleased to say that the mystery item arrived and is in situe as I type.  That makes me very happy too.   All will be revealed soon!  The only clue I’m giving is that the drivers had to vault aforementioned item over a 6ft fence to get it into the house. Now you’re wondering..

Sausage had his fourth birthday party on Saturday and was the star of the party in his specially made Spiderman outfit of course.  He was very confused, poor love had his real birthday in early April, but because I’m so disorganised the party only happened in mid June.  Well!  Least he got one eventually! He had a Batman birthday cake, party food and he and his friends rioted at the local soft play centre.  I’d say that it all went well in the end, even if he does think he has two birthdays a year.  He’s a little prince in my eyes, so I reckon he deserves two birthdays.  If the queen can have two celebrations, I don’t see why my son can’t!

So, another week looms.  I hope it looms with a bit of sunshine.  The rain has been mostly torrential over the last week, except with a shimmer of sunshine this evening which was nice. The sky flushed with peach a little as the day ended, I’m hoping that’s nature reassuring us that there is a still some sunshine stored up for the coming months.  We could certainly do with some.  I want a drought.  We were promised a drought.  I think it’s unfair that it’s been so rudely ripped from our grasp.  Gimme sunbaked lawns and paddling pools, no more of this soggy rainsoaked pavement malarkey thank you very much.

Darlek is looking forward to the summer holidays and to starting her new school year already.  I can tell she’s nervous, but as I’ve tried to explain to her, it’s all the same friends, she’ll  just be learning new things.  She was talking to me about it this evening and I could detect a ‘I’m looking forward to the challenge, but am quietly bricking it’ sentiment.  I wish she didn’t have to worry about things like that, but that’s life isn’t it.

My four year old Spiderman went into school the other day for an hour and half as part of his pre-school meet up thing.  It went really well I think.  He chatted away to his new teachers and explored the classroom.  He can’t wait to go!  Towards the end of the time there all the kids sat in a semi-circle around the teacher while she read them a story.  It was one of those books with buttons that have recorded sound effects to bring the story to life.  Every now and then the teacher asked one of the kids to come up to the front to press them.  Sausage kept waving his arm in the air and saying ‘Can I press one? Can I? Can I?’  Part of me was proud of his confidence, and another part of me kept thinking that he was a little overconfident.  I suspect he’ll be like his sister, a handful.  Lovely, but a bundle of enthusiasm that will need a whole lot of direction.

Call me mean, but I’m glad he’s going to school.  I  have reached a point where I don’t think there’s enough going on at home to occupy him.  He constantly wants to be doing things, pulling things in pieces, drawing on things (yes, walls as well as paper), jumping on things and is generally hyper.  I find myself switching on the TV just to calm him down which I just don’t feel good about if I’m being honest.  He needs more than his mum now, although it pains me to say that.

The summer hols are going to be a interesting, and just like his sister, I’m thinking ‘I’m looking forward to the challenge, but I’m quietly bricking it.’

Anyway, Horace will probably be arriving home soon, the day has ended, as has my small glass of wine.  I think I should probably retire to bed and make sure I have enough sleep to survive the school run and another week.

But before I go…it’s Father’s Day today, and I do feel I need to capture another little memory before it slips away.  Our computer / tv has a random screensaver in our living room that scrolls through images and little home-videos every now and then.  The other day it played a tiny video which made me stop and stare and smile.  It was of Horace walzing around the living room, carrying Darlek aged about 2 years old.  He held her around her waist, propped on his hip; she had her pudgy arm outstretched, her little hand resting in his huge hand.  Laughing and giggling, they whirled around the living room.  A little golden moment.  I could go all misty eyed and go on about shafts of sunlight in life, but that would sound over-sentimental.  Instead I’ll just say our kids are very lucky, and so am I.

Definitely contented.


3 responses to “Contented.

  1. aaahhh that was lovely Kay…..heaven help them having to get it over a 6 ft fence

  2. This makes me smile 🙂 xxx

  3. Mummy Drinks Tea

    How lovely.

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