The Penguin Amnesty Gallery!

SWAN inspirational blog post award

The Penguin Amnesty Gallery!

*If you want to know what this is about please read my previous post! It explains everything, well nearly everything….Click here to read ‘I’m Having a Penguin Amnesty!’ 

Well, my penguin plans are progressing perfectly!  I’ve already had quite a few penguins promised and once they arrive, they will be presented to the planet on this post in aid of the Post Pals charity!

This little fella was my very first penguin volunteer. Sis sent him over to our house so I could make him a Penguin Star on the blog! Here he is sat on the beach, sunning himself. Ever heard the joke ‘What’s black and white and red all over?’

A number of companies and individuals have offered to help out with penguins and penguin related items that the Post Pal children will love!  I’m hoping there’ll be others to add to the list very soon.  If you’re on Twitter, keep your eyes out for the #PenguinAmnesty hashtag to see how the campaign progresses and to see if you can help!

Spot the grumpy penguin! This penguin will soon be a lot happier because GaltToys have donated this set to the Penguin Amnesty for poorly kids.  I’m sure it will be very content in its new home!

Now, this is a funny looking penguin I can hear you thinking…..I can explain! BalloonBaboon are going to send a Penguin for the vlog, and also to a Post Pals child. Balloons by their very nature do deflate, so their penguin won’t be arriving until nearer the date. They obviously need a mention now though as they have so kindly offered their services – this frog is fantastic and gives an example of the talent and time that goes into this sort of balloon art sculpture. Love it!

Vita (@Goriami) from The Goriami Family blog sent ‘Quiver’ the Blue Nose Penguin over to make friends with the other penguins we have here.  He is very, very cute and loves jumping over waves as you can see here.  Thanks so much for your donation, he will make a poorly child very happy!

…..and jump…..and SPLASH!!!!

Peter the Penguin! Although he is adorable, he does keep drinking from the tap! Tristan and Martine, did you not teach him any manners!!! ;O)

This next penguin is called ‘Paulie’ and he was sent here by Audreys Cat Vintage Fabrics.   Audrey, he’s gorgeous, but he’s rather bossy!  Here he is on the school run in Sis’s car.  I told him we knew the way and that we didn’t need a Penguin Sat Nav, but he just ignored us and sqwarked directions anyway.

‘Turn left I say! Left!!!!! Not that way………Turn around when possible, I saw a fish, we have to go back for it……I’m hungry….I don’t care if you’re late! Turn around NOW!’

Squeaky, Beaky, Flipper and Splash were donated by my mum and dad!  I thought that they’d be better behaved than the others until I found them in my kitchen cupboard trying to get into the tins of tuna! Tut-tut!

The Penguin iPhone 4G covers were sent by Mummy Barrow who runs the Mummy Barrow blog (funnily enough!), along with the Magic Star chocolates so that the penguins wouldn’t get peckish in the post whilst travelling over here – how considerate!  She also very generously donated £10 towards posting penguins to Post Pals after this blog / vlog review has been completed.  Thank you!

These two Punk Penguins (red and blue instead of black and white!) love playing on the slide outside. I’ve told them that penguins eat fish, but they refuse to eat anything else apart from Magic Stars. Crazy and completely inseparable!

Pedro the Penguin comes from Enchanted Wood Toys!  They even sent a card to be given to his new owner, how very thoughtful and generous.  I think you’ll agree he’s a cutie, well on the way to recovery too thankfully  (he even came with his own prescription!).

Pedro the Penguin is a bit of a hyperchondriac. He insists on sleeping in my medicine tub. In the day time he sits on the couch with a Lemsip watching my Frozen Planet DVD on repeat.  I’ve asked him for the remote back, but he’s says he’s lost it.  Hmm….

The next two little rascals were sent over by Helen O Keefe!  I found them in my home-made booze cupboard having a whale of a time!

Did you know penguins could get hiccups? ‘Cos I didn’t!

‘I’m singing in the rain! Just singing in the rain! What a glooorious feeling! I’m a…. penguin in the rain!’  Another donation from Helen O Keefe!  Thank you Helen!

‘Hellooo, Whoooo are yoooou?’ This very well spoken Scots Owl made friends with Chill the penguin on Saturday. We took Chill out with us on Saturday because he said he was bored.

Here’s Chill checking out the Olympic Torch Relay in Rawtenstall. He ‘Squarked!’ his support instead of waving a flag. I still have no idea who sent him! It said on the tag he was from Inspirations Gift Shop, but I can’t work out who posted him. Pls tell me if he was from you!  I’d like to say thank you!

‘Petula’ the waddly penguin seems to have a few issues. I think her biological clock has been ticking. She raided the fridge for all the eggs and growls every time I go near her now! Growly penguins, whatever next!

Petula was sent by the penguintastic Orchard Toys, many thanks to them for their generosity!  I think…..I swear that penguin will bite me if I try to retrieve any of those eggs!  No omelettes for us methinks!

Now these are absolute menaces. I’ve told them not to torment the lion, but they insist that he likes it really. They are, in order or mischieviousness, Pepita, Poppy and Snowy. All sent by the extremely, lovely, wonderful Mandie!

Polly is a cutie. I found her in the fridge saying ‘It wasn’t me!’ She said ‘It was the really massive penguin that took them all, I tried to stop her, but she’s a bit scary!’ I think Polly is rather easily upset and refuses to come out of the fridge now. Aw… Another donation from Helen O Keefe

These are the little monkeys…erm penguins….that refuse to get out of the bathroom. They have the cheek to eat the soap and then complain that their beaks are frothing! Their names are ‘Persephonie, Pingu, Darcy, Betty, Derek and Petra.’ I have no idea which is which and they keep trying to confuse me because they think it’s funny. These were again from Mandie!

A really lovely book from Helen O Keefe! Beautiful pictures and the perfect bedtime story. Thank you! The homesick penguins have been reading this before they go to sleep at night.

These penguins really surprised me! They love climbing trees! I found them out here this afternoon taunting local cats. Mandie thank you! (although the cats think they’re an absolute tease)

I’ve had to fight the other penguins off this painting set, they all want a go! I’ve explained that they can’t possibly hold the paintbrush because they only have flippers and no opposable thumbs, but they just won’t take the hint. *tuts*  Cheers again Mandie!

‘KERSPLASH!’ Honestly, I’ve not had a bath in at least a week. Can’t fit in there because of all the bossy penguins. Our doggie had to join in too, he’s happy to have made new friends.  Mandie, I can’t believe how generous you were! Thanks. :O)

For the life of me, I could not get these out from behind the microwave. Dunno what they’re doing behind there. I think they may be nesting.  Again from the lurvely Mandie!

These are my tiny penguins, Perdy, Eric, Pongi, Flipper, Slapper (ahem!), Fred, Perigrine, and Flop (Flop went awol under an iceberg so he missed this shot)

These absolutely beautiful little pin badges were donated by Rocket Charities and in particular by a really ace lady called Veena Dookoo.  My son is a huge fan of Star Wars and would like to know if you are married to Count Dookoo and can you please get Luke Skywalker’s autograph?

Originally the pin badges were made for the Falklands Conservation Trust, but with their blessing they have been donated to the Post Pals charity.  Thank you!

Squish and Pat love to read just before bedtime. Wide-eyed and completely transfixed, they point at the pictures with their little flippers and go ‘Sqwark!’ when they find an exciting bit. This story is quite literally Flipping Brilliant!

Both these penguins were donated by my good friend Jo Bean from the Gadget Mum blog, they are very good natured most of the time, but Squish does get a bit feisty if Pat tries to turn the page before he’s finished reading it.

Flipping Brilliant ‘A Penguin’s Gude to a Happy Life’ was sent over to keep the penguins upbeat and happy in their new homes, by Alison from the Dragons and Fairydust blog.  Alison, you have excellent taste in literature, the penguins told me to tell you that. (honest they did….)

Pluto the Penguin plays happily in the backyard with a ball that I personally think is a bit too big for him. I like him but he is very noisy and shouts ‘GOAL!!!!’ an awful lot. Kindly donated by my daughter, Darlek!

This rather unusual looking penguin absolutely must be a Rockhopper Penguin. Give him a pile of rocks to hop on and he’s happy as a very happy penguin. I tried to take his rocks away once and he savaged my ankles, so I’ve left him where he is for the moment.

Rocky the Rockhopper penguin belly flopped his way over to us by way of Amanda from the Ana Mum Diary.  Thank you Amanda!

You’ve heard of the Invisible Man? This is the Invisible Penguin! Again from Amanda!  He’s very elusive and has ‘No Name’ apparently.  Mysterious no?

Petronella is very into flower arranging and plans to open a florist shop with some of the other penguins. This is her latest creation!

The Motor Neurone Disease Association sent us Petronella, and the next penguin too.  Although GaGa the Penguin is less popular with her penguin friends due to her obsession with fashion and her new feathers.  She thinks she is very stylish, the other penguins think she’s a bit of a show off.

Gaga is a very fashion conscious penguin. She thinks Black and White is ‘Just so last season!’

And finally (for now….)  Here’s the biggest, silliest penguin of the lot.  ME!!  I shall NEVER, EVER, EVER live this down.  When I started this I didn’t think I’d have to submit myself to this gallery, but in the spirit of all things Penguiney.

******Drum roll**********slap yer flippers together please!*****************

Flipping Fantastic! Waddle the neibours think! I strutted my stuff, I waddled, I sqwarked a bit, I did a little dance, I felt rather daft. Rather liberating though I have to say. Shan’t be wearing it on the school run though….

And another photo, simply because this one makes me giggle.

Sausage dressed in an absolutely fabulous penguin outfit! He adores it and yelled ‘Nook-Nook!’ and ‘Fish!!!’ throughout the photo shoot!

This Penguin outfit was donated by the very generous Fancy Dress Bash.  They have some brilliant costumes on their website and we’ll be heading over that way when it comes to Halloween this year I suspect.  Please do have a look at their site!

Thank you loads both Jo Bean from the Gadget Mum blog! and Fancy Dress Bash for helping us to really get into the Penguin spirit of things!

By the way, please can I just ask everyone not to judge me too harshly, I am a serious blogger you know.  I am, I am, I am, I am! *digs hole*

Another update! Waddling their flippery way over here are contributions from ToyJeanius, the Mummys Random Blog , the Cupcake Mumma blog, Top That Publishing, PrezzyBox,  plus quite a few more (just waiting for the postman!).

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19 responses to “The Penguin Amnesty Gallery!

  1. Well done. Looks like a great start!

  2. LOL I was looking at the frog for a minute thinking “that doesn’t look like a penguin” !! Oops !!

  3. Hee hee I LOVE the outfit! Amazing! xxxx

  4. lol, you are completely bonkers and of course a genius with it! xxx

  5. Fabulous! You’re an absolute star. Completely bonkers but a STAR!!! X

  6. but..but… where are the penguins? 😉

  7. Yay!!!! Yet another brilliant but madcap idea Kay…all best ones are. I can’t wait to hear your review 🙂

  8. Your lurvely penguins arrived today, and are being complete divas, they insist on a personal stylist before they’ll allow me to take photographs. *rolls eyes* They say they are the Paris Hiltons of the penguin world you know. Dear oh dear oh dear!

  9. Fab – soooo funny!

  10. My goodness, what a lotta penguins ! Wouldn’t have thought that you could recruit so many! Well done, glad to know that our Penguin Clock is among friends.

  11. may I just add that you have flipped….and I love the imagination, cant wait for the vlog

  12. Brilliant! I have penguin envy now tho – my youngest is crazy for penguins. I want one of the bath t

  13. Brilliant! I have penguin envy now tho – my youngest is crazy for penguins. I want one of the bath toy sets – can you ask the lovely Mandie where she got them? Really, I’m not joking 🙂

  14. I’ll put you in touch with her! They are little cuties even if they do hog the bath :O) x

  15. Brilliant Brilliant, I love your costume and I’m sure the post pals kids will too. I’m off shopping this aft to see what wonderful penguin things I can find!

  16. The outfits are the best! Hope you (and Sausage of course!) will be wearing them in the vlog – lol. Can’t wait……

  17. We are delighted to let you know that this post has been nominated in the ‘Most Inspirational’ post category of the SWAN UK Blog Post Awards (aka The ‘SWANS’)

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    If you tweet the SWAN UK twitter account using the #SWANS hashtag with the URL of your blog posts and the category you have been nominated for we will retweet it for you and hopefully get you some new readers.

    Good luck!

  18. I love the whole idea behind this post! No wonder it is a finalist in the SWAN blog post awards. I thought you would want to know that the winners will be announced on 13th April at 2pm as part of our Undiagnosed Children’s Awareness Day. Keep an eye on the SWAN UK blog or twitter where I will announce using @SWAN_UK and @RenataBplus3 … GOOD LUCK!
    p.s. be sure to pick up your finalist blog badge from the website!

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