Sausage and His Pink Tub of Schleich Dinosaurs!

Sausage and his Pink Tub of Schleich Dinosaurs!

Warning, this is a noisy blog, you  might need earplugs, because……….


This post is about whopping great big dinosaurs that make the ground shake when they thud around their prehistoric environment.  They’re BIG, they’re BOSSY, they’re SCARY, they could even BITE you on the bum.

The Battle of the Chocolate Biscuit – T Rex demands dinner!

Sausage loves his pet dinosaurs, and although they are normally REALLY HUGE and BITEY, they sit tamely in his pink plastic tub as I type.  Schleich have minaturised them, how clever are they!

Aw….ickle….wickly….cutsey…..wutesy dinos! All curled up after a busy day.

These are typical of Schleich toys, detailed, durable, accurate representations of the creatures they portray.  They’re perfect for children aged between 4 – 10, and are an ideal size for a child to play with.  Sausage adores his pink tub of dinosaurs and has played with them regularly ever since they stomped into our living room.

Here we have three nestled in their very own dinosaur nest (maybe not historically accurate surroundings).  My kids want a pet dog, it’s not happening any time soon, this will have to do for the moment.  This is as cute as ferocious dinosaurs get don’t you think?

Jurassic Park is set to be re-released in eye-popping 3D, so dinosaurs will no doubt be very popular this year.   With Schleich’s new dinosaur collection your child can happily re-enact prehistoric worlds and adventures in their very own living room, and in their very own plastic tub, or bucket, or fish tank, or whatever you have to hand – they’re not fussy.  Tyrannosaurus Rex will be quite content to roam the sofa eating biscuit crumbs.  I say yay for mini dinosaurs!  Hopefully the kids will stop hassling me for hamsters and dogs and stick insects for a while and be content with these fantastic beasties instead.  I can but hope!

Swooping over the Basil rainforest!

If you would like more information about the new Schleich Dinosaur collection, please click HERE for further information on their products.  Evolution PR sent me some dinosaurs to review, no other financial reward was given.

Just a casual hint….don’t feed them after midnight.  ;O)


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