I’m having a Penguin Amnesty!

I’m Having a Penguin Amnesty!

(In aid of the Post Pals charity.)

Waddle, waddle, waddle!

…and no, that’s not shorthand for ‘I’m pregnant with lots of baby penguins.’

Post Pals - Putting a Smile on Childrens Faces

Here’s what I’m planning.  Blogging is a weird and wonderful hobby, and I’ve been very lucky to have had all kinds of opportunities because of what I do.  This is one of them.

Often bloggers get the chance to work with brands, to help support charities, to get involved with community projects, to get together to make a difference, and more.  All in all, we’re blessed with a little bit of webspace to stand on our pedestals and ‘do something’ whether it be to share our life experiences or photographs or whatever takes our fancy.  This is my current blogging project and I need your help to make it work!  Pretty please with penguins on it!

In a week or so I’ll be reviewing the loveliest item I have ever been lucky enough to be chosen to review.  I can’t tell you what it is because that will spoil the surprise.  All I can say is that I am going to be completing a hopefully very creative, very fun vlog, and a blog too and if all goes to plan, it will involve a ton of penguins.  Yes you read that correctly.  PENGUINS!!  Not real ones, the RSPCA wouldn’t like it, although I admit it would be fun with real flippery ones but probably a bit wet and my house would smell of fish.

Any penguins that are donated, will all be photographed and uploaded on here, with links back to yourselves if you so wish, so you will be credited for your kindness and I’m going to try and arrange a competition too, so this will be worth sharing with your friends.


In order to do this, I’m asking for anyone and everyone to donate penguins toys as part of a ‘Penguin Amnesty’ (inflatable, plush, second hand, new, squishy, whatever) of every shape and size, although they should be in good condition and worthy of a child’s love.  These will all be included in this fantastic vlog review and in the blog I’m planning, so they’ll be Famous Penguins and will be featured on my YouTube Channel and on here.  Afterwards I will personally arrange for them to be sent to Post Pals which is a charity that aims to put smiles on the faces of very sick children by sending them cards or presents in the post to brighten their day.  Some of their stories are so tragic, and if you can read their profiles and about their lives without a lump in your throat you’re made of sterner stuff than me.

Here is a link to the Post Pals website if you’d like to find out more about what they do.  Please do CLICK HERE for further information on this fabulous charity.

I’m a great believer in passing on good luck, and ‘what goes around comes around’ or karma or something, so I’m more than happy to put time and effort into this blogging project.  Thanks to (details to be added later….hold your breath….) the fantastic review opportunity I’ve been given, I think I should probably give something back, Post Pals is more than worthy of some support so I’ve chosen them.

Please do not send real penguins, my bath is too small and they squawk a lot.

The postage and packaging might be a little expensive, depending on how successful the Penguin Amnesty is, but I’m going to set up a Just Giving account so you can donate towards the postage if you like along with your chosen penguin (or not, it’s up to you, you can just send a penguin if that’s all you want to do).  If this works as well as I hope it does, I might have to enlist a helpful courier with a heart for poorly kids and an enthusiasm for ferrying penguins around, I’m not sure.

Mr and Mrs Travelling Penguin!

All credit will be given to any businesses or individuals who are willing to help me out, with links too.  It’s for a brilliant cause, and it’s my way of ‘doing something worthwhile’ in a roundabout, bizarre fun way.  What do you think?  If you can think of any companies or anyone who might have spare penguins and a heart of gold please comment below, or if you have penguins to spare or know of couriers who could help please do contact me!  I’m @Chaoskay on Twitter and can be contacted at ‘kay at rubbermonkeys dot co dot uk.’   (I’m writing my email that way to try to foil spammers, not because I’m being awkward.)

So, whaddya think?  Is it Penguin-ago-go?!!!!  Go, on help Post Pals ‘pppick up a pppenguin!’  I’m not scarred by chocolate biscuit bar advertising or nuffink, honest.

UPDATE! Here’s a link to the #PenguinAmnesty gallery so far!  I’ll be updating it with everyone’s donations as they roll in!  Many more penguins are waddling their way over here via the Royal Mail too, soon to be featured!  Come and have a nosey or a beak, or whatever!  CLICK HERE TO SEE THE PENGUIN AMNESTY GALLERY!

Post Pals - Putting a Smile on Childrens Faces

18 responses to “I’m having a Penguin Amnesty!

  1. Sadly I don’t have any penguins to help you (I hope you get enough and can’t wait to see what you are plotting) but I am more than happy to donate a little for getting them out to a child via PostPals, what an amazing thing to do with them after – just give me a shout when you have a just giving up ❤

    (@Life_Breakdown) xxxx

  2. That’s really lovely of you Sarah! Thanks, I’ll be in touch as soon as I’ve set something up :O) x

  3. I am in on the secret of what you are vlogging about, and I am sitting here thinking to myself this is exactly why you were chosen and why you deserved to be chosen. Me I would just do a vlog, you? you turn it into something brilliant, fabulous and advantages to others.
    Me im going to go do my bit by contacting a parcel company and see if they may consider helping.
    Sorry no penguin and after this months expenses for a certain small furry thing no money, but maybe after payday ( only 14 days away…thank fully…not that Im counting)

  4. I don’t think we have any penguins flapping about but if I find any I’ll send them on. Good luck in your quest and I look forward to seeing what it’s all about!

  5. now this sounds really good. It might even get me vlogging! I will await further instructions!

  6. Elaine, that’s very kind of you! I think I’m just plain lucky this time! It would be so helpful if a courier could help out. I’m hoping for a good response to this so plenty of flippered friends to lug around ideally! Tania, thanks, so nice of you to comment and for the good luck wishes!
    Julia, do you mind if I contact you via email? Might be a challenge, but with a bit of help, this could work so well! :O)

  7. Betty’s have the most lovely chocolate penguins!

  8. Maybe I need to speak to Bettys! Wonder if they’re easily contactable, persuadable….. Hmmm…. ;O)

  9. I’ve had so many giggles reading (and RTing !) your tweets ! Can’t wait to see it all come together xx

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  11. enchantedwoodtoys

    Great idea Kay! Our Pedro the Poorly Penguin complete with prescription from Nurse Nibbles is winging his way to you now. This toy from the Get Well Friends range of books and toys by award winning author Kes Gray is ideal for both poorly and not so poorly children. Thank you so much for the link above to the review of Get Well Friends and good luck with tthe venture. I am really intrigued about this new review item!!
    Jane, Enchanted Wood Toys

  12. What a lovely idea. Good luck and hope you get a basketful or more of penguins. I am sure they’ll be received with joy by the children. Let me know when your just giving page is in place.

  13. What a wonderful idea , I’ll get my daughter up the loft when she gets out on the hunt for Penguins (I’m hopeful we have a couple hiding up there). Can’t wait to see what comes next. Lots of luck with it.

  14. what a FANTASTIC idea! Would be great if you get enough to send to the siblings of the Post Pal children as well as the children who are ill. They suffer just as much as their ill sibling in so many ways,

  15. This is a brilliant Idea. I stumbled upon Post Pals last year and have been sending post ever since. It’s the most amazing charity and the things people send really make a massive different to these children’s lives. I’ll have a look through my daughters teddies (she got loads when she was born that have never been played with) and see if I can spot any penguins and if not will see what the shops have that I can get for you. I’ll subscribe to your blog so I can see what happens next too. The Karma thing is entirely true – you can see from thsi blog post that I did what happened to me all because of the amazing people at postpals – http://www.bella-boutiqueuk.blogspot.co.uk/2012/06/amazing-act-of-kindness.html. Best of Luck x

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