Summer is the Bees Knees!

Summer is the Bees Knees!

Well, when it’s summery it’s the bees knees anyway!  Yes I know it has been tipping it down this last week and it’s not felt like summer at all, but prior to that it was gorgeous, you have to admit it.

Cloud busting!

Today we spent almost all day in our living room, with rain splattered windows and the wind racing around our battered back garden.  It was ok though, the kids played Rabbid Rabbits or some other such daft named game, on the Wii and jumped about like crazy things for ages, so that kept them occupied.  I had a headache mostly, still have in fact.  You know the sort that makes you feel like your brain is in an invisible vice. Nice. Every yell of ‘Jump on the rabbit!!!’ made my eyes water, I swear.  (I probably did swear inwardly too).  But they’ve been happy enough and that’s what counts.

Now the day is over I’d like to revisit a lovely day we had last weekend, when the sun shone down like a golden god, and the wild flowers bounced in the light breeze.  A much calmer day than the one we’ve just had!  Horace’s parents and our rabble went to Nostell Priory which is a huge old country house (we didn’t go inside) which boasts a gorgeous fish filled, water-birds aplenty lake, meadows and a strange old gateway thing called the Obelisk which was the grand entrance way for visitors in days of yore.

There’s loads to do there, but we only had limited time so we went for a walk among the lush green meadows and soaked up some of the summer rays.  The kids boinged along grabbing dandylions and long grass, usually whipping us with them too.  That was fun at first, but when they started swiping us in the face with the soily ends they’d dragged up from the ground with the grass, I did get a bit mumsy and had to ask them to stop. I know, I know, I’m a spoilsport!

Chocolate ice-creams make great face cream so I’ve heard. Sausage is covered in the stuff if you look carefully.  Horace in soft focus, he should do shampoo adverts I think.

We saw whole flotillas of baby birds and their mums, most of them looking hopefully at us, I think they expected bread.  We saw cygnets, ducklings and even about 5 or so tiny moorhen chicks.  There was a massive carp too, swimming around like a submarine in the middle of the lake.

This was a very beautiful, very bossy swan. It definitely wanted feeding, and we were witness to inter-species brawling. The ducks lost I think.

Grandma Sweara and I spotted Golden Rattle flowers, Speedwell, Plantain, Dandylions (of course!), and other wild flowers I can’t remember the name of, and we discussed the complexity of grasses and how impossible they are to identify.  Or maybe that’s just me being dense.  We saw at least 5 or 6 ladybirds too, lazily clambering around on leaves searching for greenfly dinners.

The sky was a fantastic bright blue, my cardie was too warm, the kids sulked a little because they were hungry, but all in all it was a gorgeous summer’s day walk.  One of those postcard days that I’ll have to mentally mail to myself when the days get all wet and windy like they did today.

And finally a photo that makes me laugh.  I look like an absolute troll, and considered not including this for that very reason, but wasn’t there some king or other that said he wanted his picture painting with ‘warts an all?’  I admire his spirit, so here I am, double chin an’ all. Horace just makes me laugh in this, it’s a kind of ‘This is all just too much to cope with!’ pose.  Darlek shows off her fangs too here, she’s lost almost all her front teeth and is trying desperately to grow them back so she can learn to whistle properly.  Sausage is being his usual cheeky self – I reckon we look like the Royle family or something.  (That’s definitely ‘Royle’ family, not Royal’ Family…..)

Honestly, I look amazing when I wear make-up. *clutches at straws*

Oh and a little indulgence.  I drew a bee this weekend, I was rather proud of it, even though it has seven legs.  I can count, I just got mixed up.

Its wing is a bit broken too, if it was real it would fly in circles a lot.

6 responses to “Summer is the Bees Knees!

  1. Ohh didn’t know you were an artist too. I love cloud watching, I have some really dear photos of Al and I when we first met cloud watching…ahh memories!

    I’m terrible with photographs of myself, I really struggle putting them on the blog.

  2. I’m definitely not an artist, I can just copy things sometimes. I also love bees so love drawing them. Yep, I hate pictures of myself, but I am what I am I suppose! You always look lovely in your photos! Dunno what you’re worrying about! xx

  3. you wont find many of me on mine either, nice to see you had a good day

  4. What a lovely ‘summer’ post for those of us who do not believe in it! Well, it certainly doesn’t seem to be visiting around here! 😉

  5. I love your bee!

  6. Thank you! It’s a broken bee, but it’s mine! Summer has buggered off again hasn’t it Julia, left a soggy mess for us to wade through instead. Oh for more summer days like these! Elaine, thanks for commenting and yep, we had a lovely day. Hope there’s more to come, but I’m not counting on it just yet!

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