Olympic Meme!

An Olympic Meme

It is nearly time for the Olympics, the first time they have been hosted in this country since 1948. I have been tagged in an Olympic meme by the lovely Goriami from The Goriami Family!  I have been reliably informed that Goriami’s are not vicious fish, she is in fact a very lovely blogger and not fishy at all.  Please visit her site and say hi from me, so there’s a recommendation to start with!

The Rules
“Here’s how to join in… simply write your own blog post answering the Olympic questions below and then tag other bloggers to join in and share their answers. Don’t forget to share the love with links to the lovely bloggers you are tagging and back to me if you are feeling generous!”
So here we go:

If every day tasks were Olympic events what would you get a gold medal in?

I’d get a gold medal in hill walking, herding kids, and carrying heavy bags – all at the same time.  A school run triathlon thingumajig.

As a child (or now even) did you excel at a particular sport and if so which one?

I wasn’t bad at swimming, but always came second, which annoyed me no end.  I was also nearly the reserve on the school high jump team, because I have quite long legs.  That is absolutely it.  Apart from that I was fairly useless.

Michael Phelps (swimmer) or Michael Johnson (runner) – which sport appeals to you more?
Swimming suits me better.  I was an appalling runner.  I think the time to run is when there’s something bitey running after you, otherwise I’d rather not.

How fast can you get out of bed and ready to go out the door if you miss the alarm and sleep in?
5 mins, if I have to get both kids out the door too, I reckon 20 mins.  This process usually involves olympic screaming matches too. Ie:
Me:  ‘Get yer shoes on NOW!!!!’   Kids: ‘NO! And I can’t find them anyway!!!!’

What fantasy sport would you like to see made into an Olympic event?
Pig racing, with little harnesses and small children in big hats

 Claim to fame time – Have you ever met an Olympian and who was it?
Sharron Davies, she came to our school once and I have a terrible photo of me somewhere looking very sheepish sat next to her.

What event in past Olympics can you remember most vividly?
I don’t really watch the Olympics to be honest.  I like the ribbon twirling athletic thing, cos it’s pretty. I’m not girly or nuffink.  I can remember casually watching that with a cuppa and going ‘Oooh!  That’s clever!’ every now and then in previous years.

Tuning in at home, not for me or tickets clamped ready in sweaty palms?
Not even sure if I’ll tune in at home, I’m just not into sport very much at all.  Sorry.  I’ll definitely watch the opening of the Olympics though, I love all the pomp and ceremony.

Who do you think most deserves a gold medal? (any walk of life not just Olympians)

This is probably rather a random answer, but I’d love to award a joint gold medal to two people who have influenced my life loads, although they won’t realise it –  Jason Dale and Kirsty from Loquax. It is the best competition website on the internet if you ask me.  That site is run like clockwork, is constantly updated, written with a comper’s passion and through their hard work, fair nature, sense of humour and determination it has gone from strength to strength over many years now.  Because of the work they put in, they make a whole community of compers into winners too.  They are the reason I’m still on the internet, still comping, still blogging and still networking my socks off.  I found so many of my friends through that site, and they deserve some recognition.  So there you go!  Essay over.

I am tagging Liz Burton at Me and My Shadow and Emma Jones at 4 Munchkins Plus Mummy

Sorry about the random spacing on this blog, WordPress had a hissy fit.

2 responses to “Olympic Meme!

  1. I would so vote for pig racing. It sounds awesome.

  2. Thanks for the tag!! Great meme and love your answers.

    I’ll get my thinking cap on x

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