Guess the Craft Project…

Guess the Craft Project…..

My wedding dress….

A really, really, really, really big hooped petticoat.

A ton of plastic balls chopped in half….

Gold spray paint, sparkly stuff, more balls and a needle and thread….

A whisk, a sink plunger and a torch……

A Darlek….

I’m also on the look out for some long red gloves, a tin hat of some kind, some transparent plastic cups and a fair bit of gold material…..and a voice changer.

As Rolf Harris says ‘Can you tell what it is yet?!’  *Kay wobbles one of those wobbly board things and waves a sink plunger*

This is not a sponsored post, but it may as well be sponsored by the Early Learning Centre, I’ll be using a helluva lot of their plastic balls.

4 responses to “Guess the Craft Project…

  1. Either you need one of these:
    …or you’re going to transform one of your children into some sort of pantomime dame!

  2. jane "missdaisy"

    oooh kay cant wait to see the finished result! worth a look on ebay for long red gloves and gold material x

  3. Oh I cannot wait to see the finished costume … laughing already 🙂

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