A Head Full of Fluff and Syrup.

A Head Full of Fluff and Syrup.

My bath is running so I thought I may as well write something to kill a little time.  News? Erm…I’ve been up since about 5.45am if that counts as news?  Heard noises downstairs and wandered down to see what was going on. Found Sausage running around like a lunatic and Darlek perched on the sofa looking dazed wearing her ‘princess’ outfit for the Jubilee celebrations.  She said that they’d been watching commercials about something called the ‘non-non leg shaver’ (or something along those lines for a while as kids’ tv hadn’t started and she was desperate to occupy Sausage.  My youngest had obviously woken up literally at the crack of dawn and had decided to annoy his sister, being the thoughtful soul he is. I tried without success to get them both back to bed, gave up, went back upstairs and found Horace snoring like his life depended on it, so I collapsed in Darlek’s bed for a while.  Consequently my brain has felt like its full of fluff and syrup all day.  Tired much?

In other news not involving fluff and syrup, Sausage has been accepted at the same school as his sister which is a huge relief.  I was a disorganised moo and handed his application for education in months late, consequently he was offered a school that was totally impractical and I had to appeal / beg them to change their minds.  I’d have had to split myself in two to get them both to school on time, and since cloning has not yet been invented, it would have been completely impossible. Thankfully the appeal has gone through, and I am very relieved indeed. *wipes sweat from brow*

Darlek has sat her SAT’s in a satisfactory manner. Geddit…nudge nudge.  She has in fact done really well which is brilliant.  I’m still not over the moon that she’s only 7 years old and is having to put up with the pressure of exams, but that’s just the British education system.  The night before she started her tests I found her sobbing in her bedroom, absolutely inconsolable – she was worried that she wouldn’t be good enough and that she’d have to move down groups or something.  Unbelievable!  I had to cuddle her to sleep she was so upset, I was in tears afterwards with the frustration of it all.  My daughter is in the education system and is subject to their curriculum and rules, so there’s very little I can do.  But I hate that a child of that age can possibly be scared of failing.  All she should be worrying about is whether or not she has enough Squinkies.

Anyway!  On the upside Sausage is his cheery aggravating self and is looking forward to school.  He’s developing his sense of humour beautifully and has been practising jokes, mainly about poo. For example ‘How do cows get out of mud?’ Answer ‘With poo on their heads.’  He usually giggles hysterically after gems such as this and I have to laugh because it makes absolutely no sense at all and is all the funnier because of it.   Have I already related this story on here?  I hope not.  Honestly I’m going nuts.  I spent half of today thinking it was Wednesday, when it is blatantly Tuesday.

My news is that I found a copy of Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall’s Veg Cook book for a tenner at a second hand book sale at the weekend, and my sister has bought me a beautiful recipe book holder for my birthday.  So I have lovingly set both up in my kitchen and pretend to be Nigella Lawson at every opportunity, usually that just involves me flicking my hair slightly and licking my fingers tips seductively whilst ripping a roast chicken in half.  Like that works! *rolls eyes*  My mother-in-law has a copy of the same book and I am blatantly copying her book choices.  Let’s see who can make a herby, nutty, noodly cucumber salady thing first eh Sweara!  Race ya!

Actually I have already made the above, but it was considered inedible by almost the whole family so I must have done it wrong somehow so I count that as a false start.  Today I planned to do an egg plant, tomato thingy and bought 3 medium sized aubergines and a huge block of strong cheese in preparation.  I got home after the school run and unfortunately I was foiled by the syrup and fluff in my head so ended up making spag bol with a jar of Ragu instead. Another false start.  Tomorrow I will try again, and will probably end up making beans on toast instead or defrosty tea.   Maybe a fluff and syrup recipe would be easier to attempt.  Watch this space.  Actually don’t.  It would probably be very messy, and sticky and would mean I’d have to use a spatula to destick my children from their dinner plates.  The dishwasher probably wouldn’t like it either. Maybe I won’t try that after all.

And on that note, my bath is ready, I’m tired, should have watered some plants today, have a pile of washing sweating in the washing machine, need to sort Darlek’s school uniform for tomorrow and am generally mucking about on here to avoid doing things I should be doing.  Story of my life! *ambles off for bath*


5 responses to “A Head Full of Fluff and Syrup.

  1. Love you. Fluff n all x

  2. your bath must run slow, either that or you type quicker than me ( wouldnt be hard about 20words a minute on a good day) my head is mince at the moment cant see past what I did monday afternoon ( now Im blubbing again). brilliant post…..and wahats wrong with 5.45…perfectly acceptable time….(ducks and runs)

  3. I was an audio typist in a former life so can type for england! Wish there was an Olympic sport category for it. What happened on monday Elaine and are you ok? Thanks Liz, good to hear! Dunno what I’d do without my friends on here. x

  4. sent you a pm on twitter on Monday, you did reply….

  5. Ah I understand now. Thought something terrible had happened with Bob. Still feel for you Elaine. Hope you’re doing ok. x

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