The Vapestick!

The Vapestick! 

Quick Summary  – What is an Electronic Cigarette or a Vapestick?

Basically a Vapestick consists of three parts, the cartridge which contains the nicotene or flavouring, the atomiser and the battery.  You exhale water vapour, not smoke; and inhale your dose of nicotene.  So you get your nicotene fix and your smoking / vaping experience, except with none of the tar and nastiness you get in your average cigarette.  

I’ve been a smoker on and off for about 12 years, give or take a few years here and there.  On average I’ve smoked between two and ten a day, sometimes more if I went out or felt particularly nervous. I have always known I should give up, weak chests run in our family and I am no exception.  Nights out on the town spent smoking like a chimney often ended up with me cursing my fags and feeling like my lungs were covered in green goo.  Towards the end of my smoking career I also had an almost permanent cough that actually made me throw up a couple of times, it was that bad. So…….I decided a change had to be made.

The Vapestick XL! They’re called Vapesticks because instead of breathing out smoke, you breath out water vapour into the air, and they look a bit like a stick I suppose?

Here’s where I keep all my Not-Smoking equipment. It’s sturdy, has a v slightly magnetic flip over lid and is great for keeping Vapestick equipment together.

Previously I’d tried those little white nicotene inhalators and I’d also been to ‘Stop Smoking Or You’ll Die!’ classes too.  Did they help?  Yes!  Did they work? Nope.  So after a particularly bad near chest infection this January I’d again given up but was dying for a blast on a cigarette. My sister gave me an E-Cigarette to try, and I have to say I have never looked back!  I’m more than happy to tell you about Vapesticks and E-Cigarettes in general because I think they’re such fabulous products and I feel 100% better since having given up smoking ‘real’ cigarettes.  My food tastes better, I’m not out of breath all the time, I don’t have to worry about setting my house on fire, there’s no horrid stinking ashtrays to worry about and I don’t have to worry about anti-smoking legislation anymore.

I could write a whole post just about the plus points of smoking Electronic Cigarettes, but as this is officially a review I’ll try and get as much in about Vapesticks and add information about the whole vaping experience as I go along.  The whole subject can be a tad confusing – eg.  you charge this, and screw this bit into that and then you vape, and where and when can you use your Vapestick etc etc.  I’ll fill you in, in a minute.  Be patient!  If you’re serious about stopping smoking and using an alternative this post is worth trawling through, honest.

I’ve tried a few brands now, some of the E-cigs from Tescos, and another kit with my own money from another company, so I have a bit of an idea about some of the products on the market.  Not much, but a little.  I can safely say when Vapestick sent me some of their products I was blown away at the difference between what I’d used before and what Vapesticks had to offer.  Here’s a picture of some of their products.

These two Vapesticks (V1’s) are disposable, each one is the equivalent of 50 cigarettes (500 puffs) and come in menthol and original flavours. Both are 1.8% nicotene strength and are £9.99 each.  The pouch is so that you have somewhere to keep them and which also stops them from being scratched on spare change in your pocket.

If you’d like to have a look at these disposable Vapesticks in more detail, feel free to have a look around the Vapestick website HERE.  They’re a great option if you’re not sure if you’ll like vaping or not, and if you’re not quite ready to fork out for a full Vapestick kit.

At this point I’ll bombard you with pictures of what Vapestick sent me and then I’ll waffle on about why I think they’re so good.  I’m not just saying this either just because I’m blogging for them, I honestly think that so far Vapestick have a huge advantage on other E-Cigarette kits.

This is the Vapestick XL packet where you keep your spare batteries and your cartridges, that doesn’t mean ‘Extra Large’ by the way.  It also charges your batteries for a week if you charge the packet itself first using the charger supplied.

Your nicotene or flavoured cartridges arrive in a plastic, child safe tub, complete with nicotene percentages printed on the side.

A spaghetti pile of chargers. With Vapestick they give you a charger for your car, a charger for your individual Vapestick, and a charger for your Vapestick packet too.

The inside of your Vapestick packet, there’s room for your cartridges, and you can screw your spare cartridge in and charge it, if you precharge the packet itself first. Confused yet?

The Vapestick XL will set you back  a cool £49.99 plus additional costs for cartridges which are disposable and need to be bought on a regular basis if you’re a dedicated Vapestick user.  Here’s a link to the cartridges and another one to the Vapestick XL if you’re curious.  This might sound a lot, but if you compare that to the annual cost of smoking, and the annual cost to your overall health, Vapesticks are a valuable investment.

Vapestick supply a handy card, so if anyone challenges you about smoking in a public place, you can reassure them that vaping is completely within the law, and smoking restrictions do not apply.

I do need to be straight with you though, Vapesticks do not cure your nicotene addiction and they are not ‘healthy’, nor are they officially endorsed as products to help you stop smoking, ie, you won’t find them in Boots.  They are simply another way of imbibing nicotene.  A huge bonus is that although you might entertain an addiction, people around you don’t have to suffer the consequences. The vapour you breath out is simply water vapour, it does not harm anyone around you.  Having said that, I’m still rather wary of vaping in front of my children because they’ll no doubt pick up that habit, rather than a full blown smoking habit.  It’s best to do without either I suppose, if you can.  It’s a tricky ethical subject really.  I enjoy a glass of sherry ocassionally, but drinking in front of minors probably encourages them to want to do the same, the same applies to vaping I’m sure.

From what I can tell, you simply transfer your smoking addiction to a vaping addiction instead.  The main flaw I have found is that I’ve gone from a part time smoker to a full time vaper, I can smoke indoors and anywhere I choose now (the anti-smoking laws do not apply to E-Cigarettes) so it’s almost too easy to sit chuffing away on my almost never-ending vapestick.  As a result I reckon I have a fairly serious nicotene addiction now, although I don’t touch real cigarettes anymore.  Run out of cartridges at your peril by the way, you’ll still get the panicky ‘I’m going to go nuts!’ feeling that you get when you run out of your normal fags.

And finally, why I think Vapesticks are a better option than others I have tried…..the XL in particular looks really spectacular, very metallic and shiny (it doesn’t feel like you’re smoking a biro) and fits nicely in your hand.  You can get a Vapestick bag which is great for slotting in your handbag or your jeans pocket.  The nicotine cartridges are labelled with their content percentages (others I have tried have simply said ‘low’ or ‘high’ which tells you nothing really).  The Vapestick company itself has been very helpful when I’ve run them or tweeted them, so friendly customer service is obviously important to them. My only quibble is that the Vapestick logo peeled off their lovely drawstring velvety bag after I’d used it about 3 times. Quality control guys, you need better glue!

I hope I’ve not gone on too much, it just seems a lot of information to try and fit into one post.  There’s the products themselves, and the whole issue of Vaping and what it is and why I personally think it is so much better than smoking tobacco. Feel free to ask any questions on here via the comments section, or via Facebook or Twitter (I’m @Chaoskay), I’ll do my best to help or refer you to Vapestick themselves who know more than me.

Vapestick supplied me with the above products for review, no other financial reward has been given, and my thoughts are all my own. I hope I’ve not bored you to death with the reams of paragraphs.  If so, my sincere apologies!


5 responses to “The Vapestick!

  1. Frances Heaton

    Enjoyed reading your comments Kay, very interesting and comprehensive review. You’ve detailed the plus and minus points of using Vapesticks very clearly.
    The plus points are definitely that you’re not spending any more money on cigarettes.
    The minus points, vaping is still quite expensive, and looking at the photos, and all the ‘bits and pieces’ necessary, it appears a little overwhelming and someone who hasn’t tried vaping.
    I’m not a heavy smoker, possibly smoke 8 cigarettes a day, though I’ve been considering switching to e-cigs for a while now.
    Your blog has given me food for thought.
    Thanks for the excellent information.

    Frankie @libra10001

  2. I was completely bewildered with it all when I bought my first kit, it does take a bit of getting used to. Having said that, I’m a roll up cigarette smoker, so I’m quite used to having filters, rizlas and tobacco to deal with which is about as complicated as an E-Cig is really, if you look at how long it takes to assemble. It is quite expensive initially if you decide to invest in one of the big kits with all the chargers, but that’s almost all the outlay. You can buy E-liquid instead of cartridges which is cheaper, but it’s not as convenient, that’s one way of reducing the cost. The way I look at it is, that if you’re trying to stop smoking completely but have melt downs every now and then, an E-cig is a great way of satisfying the craving without returning to a full smoking habit. My sis has given up completely, but still has the odd blast on an E-cig if she feels desperate for a smoke. One of those disposable ones works nicely in that sort of situation, as they last for ages if you only take a drag every now and then. Thanks for reading and commenting! Kay x

  3. I’ve never smoked – except for trying a John Player Special once at college – because I wanted the smart black and gold container they came in!
    But we had someone in our smokeless office with a Vapestick not long ago, and it STILL didn’t seem right. As if it was the sucking and blowing that was forbidden, even if she was just blowing out very creepy wisps of steam!

  4. It is odd isn’t it. It’s like the act of smoking is as bad as the actual physical ‘smoking’ of something. It is definitely not a ‘good’ thing to do, and whenever you put chemicals into your body that you don’t really need, I suppose it has to be negative. But then again, that’s exactly what people do when they drink alcohol or take prescription medication sometimes – and that’s looked on as fine in the majority. I know exactly what you mean though!

  5. Yes, tell everyone you know to search on the web for e-cigarettes to see how huge this
    business is, and how gigantic the market is for these excellent
    products is. What really gets my goat, though, are the growing number of articles in the
    major press saying how awful they are. Apparently Big Pharma
    – the producers of end-smoking products are putting their money behind an
    anti vaping PR campaign – less so the fag firms (as you might
    assume) – as many cigarette companies are investing in them.
    I can really appreciate the improvements of e cigarettes.
    Just broadcasting – that there is always some secret accord with
    large corporations trying to ban e cigs … our country’s government could do a lot more to support them. This makes me annoyed. Thanks The Vapestick! | brinkofbedlam.

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