Pure Tea!

Pure Fresh Tea!

If someone had told me that I’d one day post a blog about three tea-bags I’d have laughed in their face.  I mean, that just doesn’t happen does it?  But, sheepishly I have to admit I am now going to do just such a thing. Do not laugh at me!!!

Pure Fresh Tea asked me if I’d like to blog about some of their products, and being a tea fan an’ all I jumped at the chance, mug in hand.  I don’t really know what I was expecting, a range of tea-bags I suppose?  Well, the lovely people at Pure Fresh Tea sent me these, a ‘sample’ of tea-bags.  Yorkshire Tea also sent me a free tea-bag in the post on the same day, with a lovely card as it was my birthday and I nearly blogged about that too.  But that would have meant I was blogging about four tea bags and I didn’t want to over-do things.

Three tea bags! These arrived in a spacious pink crepe paper lined box. Very pretty.

I opened these up (there’s a neat thumb bit where you neatly push open the packaging) and pulled the tea-bags out to have a nosey.  This is what they look like:

You can still see the flowerheads on the camomile!

From left to right, the first one is ‘Mint’, the second one is ‘Camomile’ and the third one is ‘Black Lavender.’  All of them are in a organza-style bag which you steep in boiling water.  None of this disposable papery stuff here!  This is the closest I’ve ever seen to tea leaves in ballgowns.  Very posh!

Now to taste them!  I had three mugs of tea in one evening so I could get this much overdue blog online.  They have been very patient.  As a result I’m amazed I managed to blog at all, I think I’ve spent rather more time than usual dashing upstairs for a wee.

Here’s a photograph of my favourite mug of the moment with one of their Camomile tea bags in it.  Steaming hot and pretty too, and that’s not just the mug.  I loved the look of the little camomile flowerheads in their posh dress…erm..bag.

Camomile is very good for the digestion, or so I’m told!

The camomile tea looked more eye-catching than any other camomile tea I’ve ever had before – but I have to say it tasted much the same as any other camomile tea I’ve ever tasted.  Still lovely though.

The mint tea was my favourite which surprised me.  It honestly looks more like the mint you’d find in your mint sauce than in your tea-bag, but that is because Pure Fresh Tea obviously believe in not messing around or powdering their ingredients too much.  It was refreshing, palate cleansing and would make a great cuppa to start the day.

I’m so sorry Pure Fresh Tea, but I wasn’t keen on the Black Lavender.  I thought it tasted a little bit soapy somehow, but that is just down to me and my taste-buds.  I think if you like lavender a little more than I do, you’ll love this.

Each tea-bag can be used 2 – 3 times so I have delicately hung them from the string that lifts my kitchen blinds up and down.  They are drip-drying nicely thanks.

These are the other flavours they stock:

So that’s me done then.  Thanks to Pure Tea I have blogged about three tea-bags.  Oh the shame.  They are lovely tea-bags and expensive and classy and beautiful and dressed immaculately in their chiffonesque bags, but I can’t help but feel a bit silly.

Many thanks to Pure Tea for sending me the samples.  I liked them a lot, can’t write more, sorry, I need to dash off to the little room upstairs again.

You can find Pure Fresh Tea’s very swish website HERE!

No other financial reward was given and all thoughts are my own, because they can’t be anyone else’s can they anyway?


4 responses to “Pure Tea!

  1. Oo, they do look pretty and strangely I am going to blOg about a teacup later. Lol, we should join forces x

  2. This almost makes me wish I liked tea! What very pretty teabags. They look like they’d make nice “smellies” for chests of drawers too… Or is that just me?! 😉

  3. Love the idea, packaging, smell of herbal teas and especially the colours when brewing but unfortunately the taste isn’t palatable for me

  4. I’m a bit the same, I’m definitely more a fan of Breakfast tea or PG Tips and the like. It’s almost like drinking perfume somehow. They do look so pretty though, especially the tiny camomile flowers. I’m embarassed to say I saved them. ;o)

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