Colour Catcher – Dylon!

Colour Catcher from Dylon!

Okay, now this is a challenge.  I’m sitting here staring at my blank screen struggling to think about how to make this an interesting blog.  I mean, it’s about a product you shove in your washing machine that soaks up excess dye from clothes that aren’t colour fast. Whoop de doo!  Contain your excitement please!

Right, let’s approach this from a metaphorical angle.  Let’s imagine there’s a daily battle in my washing machine.  The white socks versus the black jeans.  Usually the white socks lose miserably and become down hearted and well…grey?   This is a common occurrance as I can’t be arsed to split them up and sort my washing into neat separate piles of colours and whites – mainly I just leave them to fight it out amidst the suds and the froth.  It’s not just the white socks that suffer, it’s school shirts, white t’shirts and the like.  Cruel aren’t I.

Soooo…..when Dylon sent me some Colour Catchers to try out, I thought I’d let that get in the way of the two opposing colours.  Could it possibly achieve some sort of equilibrium and stop the whites from having such a hard time?  I thought I’d set up the washing machine battle of all time.

******Drum Roll*********Applause please**********

Ladles and Jellyspoons let me introduce……..

‘The Bright Luminous Pink Bath Towel versus the Snow White Dinner Jacket Shirt’

The colours are clashing even before they get into the washing machine. Terribly bad tempered they are!

Well, I bundled them into the battle zone, and desperately hoped that the white shirt wouldn’t lose too out badly.  The pink towel was looking downright aggressive so I didn’t hold out too much hope.

If you listened very carefully you could hear them growling at each other.

With a heavy heart I pushed the colour catcher in at the back of them both, said my farewells to the white shirt, wished it luck, loaded the washing liquid and slammed the door shut.  I shot an arrow prayer up to the God of White Goods, and waited until the cycle had completed.

And waited…….

And waited…….

And waited……..

The washing cycle finished, the washing machine beeped and flashed its little light at me.  I knew the moment could not be put off any longer.  I expected a  forlorn pastelle coloured, formerly white shirt and a jubilant, victorious pink towel.  I also thought I’d have a hell of a time explaining why I did such a stupid thing to my husbands only nice white shirt.

But it was all ok!  With the Colour Catcher’s help, they’d got on fine.  It looked like there were no battle scars at all, both items of clothing came out exactly as they went in.  A white shirt, and a pink towel!  Nothing short of a miracle!

Here’s the Colour Catcher before it went in:

The 2p is so you have an idea of how big the Colour Catcher sheet is. I thought it was a nicer illustration than saying it was about the size of three pieces of bog roll.

And here it is after it came out of the wash:

You see, the Colour Catcher was a fabulous peacemaker, and soaked up all the dye. A truly happy ending to what could have been a Battle to the Pink Death.

I was very relieved and very happy, and so was the white shirt. If you’d like your very own Colour Catcher too, you can find them HERE!

Many thanks to Dylon for sending me a sample! No other financial reward was given although I bl**dy well deserve a ‘Well done!’ sticker considering how long it took me to think of ways to make this even half interesting or readable.  I tried, I really did!

5 responses to “Colour Catcher – Dylon!

  1. Your reviews are never boring, never!! Brilliant war-zone reporting.

  2. well again you have succeeded, brilliant review, and Im with you I load into the washing machine what is in the basket and it comes out as it comes out

  3. Fab review. I have tried these and they really do work, saved many a pair of white socks!

  4. Steve Chapman

    Damn! If only I’d heard of this product before insisting that my two sons (now in their early twenties) did their own laundry. Everything white they own is, well, no longer white. Not that they’d remember to put the Colour Catcher in anyway. Needless to say, I do my own laundry separately. And yes, I do sort into piles – but perhaps no longer…

  5. Excellent and useful post! I wouldn’t have believed it if I hadn’t seen it with my own eyes…
    My only experience of Dylon is when I was at school and used one of those little round silver tins of dye to make a grubby white blouse pink (rather a bright pink as it turned out) – the headmaster sent me home to take it off 😦

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