Sylvanian Families – Celebration Sea Breeze Rabbit Family!

Sylvanian Families – Celebration Sea Breeze Rabbit Family!

I have more Sylvanian Families to add to my collection!  ….coughs….erm I mean to my children’s collection.  I’m far too grown up for such things.  Honest.

Well OK, so I’m not being honest.  These beautiful little bunnies are mine, all mine!  Darlek and Sausage can play with them a little, but if they stamp on them, drop them in drinks of orange juice or otherwise damage them, I will have their guts for garters.  I think they are so cute and I’m afraid I have taken ownership of them for the moment.  Don’t tell anyone though will you? Please.  I’m just having a second childhood thing here.  A mid life crisis maybe?  Shush….

Beautiful Bunnies – ‘Mine!’ (Kay does an impression of the seagulls in Finding Nemo)

Now these aren’t just pretty faces, they are sea-faring bunnies too!  It seems they can sail ships and send postcards back to their mates on the mainland, saying: ‘Wish you were here but you’d dig a hole in the bottom of the boat and we’d sink, so maybe it was for the best that you stayed at home.’  

I just can’t imagine bunnies enjoying a life at sea, but it seems these do!  These are perfectly dressed for the occasion, although lacking life belts if I’m being picky.

The Sea Breeze family stands to attention before departing for foreign shores (ie. the top shelf upstairs).  They proudly display their paw written postcards, pre written in advance because they’re very organised bunnies.

Now for the embarrassing bit.  Customs are very strict these days, and even bunnies have to be checked for drugs etc.  The long arm of the law extends even into the world of Sylvania you know.  You may go …….’Oh no!’ and hide your face in horror now.

The poor Sea Breeze bunnies were strip searched. Shocking isn’t it.  No drugs were found, but the larger bunny had a falling-off-tail, and the smaller bunny didn’t even have a tail at all!  Curious and curiouser.  Customs let them travel anyway.

This is where I stop making up ridiculous stories about toy rabbits.  Actually my kids just removed all the clothes as they always do, just because they can.  As always the clothes are delicately and perfectly stitched and are gorgeous, but I did notice that the tail had been rather badly stuck on the bigger bunny, and that there didn’t appear to even be a tail on the little one. After questioning Evolution PR who sent me the toys, it seems the first one probably had a faulty tail and the teeny one didn’t actually come with one in the first place.  All I can presume is that little bunnies don’t grow pom-pom tails until they’re older.

I’ve seen a few Sylvanian Family critters now, and I’ve never noticed any other faults at all, so I think this is probably very unusual and I hate to point it out.  They are honestly very high quality, adorable little children’s toys as a rule.  I do hope you won’t judge them for the sake of one wobbly tail, that’d be heartless.

If you would like your own Sea Breeze Rabbit Family, you can find them HERE for £17.49.

Many thanks to Evolution PR for sending sea-faring bunnies, and I’m very sorry they were subject to such stringent custom regulations.   No other financial reward was given and all stupid stories were made up by yours truly. *bows*


3 responses to “Sylvanian Families – Celebration Sea Breeze Rabbit Family!

  1. Very, very funny. So pleased to have called in at brinkofbedlam this morning! (I make up daft stories about bunnies for a living, so don’t knock it…!)

  2. Such a funny review! Yes, I also am a fan…and get really twitchy when the SF campervan come out, just in case they loose a part!
    You write the best reviews, always enjoy reading them!

  3. I – I mean, my girls – have a few Sylvanian Families too and I don’t think any of them have clothes on anymore… I love your review, made me laugh out loud.

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