A Lovely Chocolate Egg! Second Time Lucky!

A Lovely Chocolate Egg!  Second Time Lucky! 

The paper nestled around the egg is designed to stop it from being smashed in transit. I thought it looked like Lord Dark Toffius was wearing a huge fluffy white wig.

A while ago, you might remember I blogged about a manky egg.  A truly horrid thing to behold and an even nastier thing to take a bite out of.  After a lot of exchanges that were almost as horrid as the egg itself – Luckys of London and I have reached a truce.  IE, they have sent me another replacement egg, and the PR Agent for the aforementioned company was very apologetic in the end, so I’ve given up ranting about it.  Life’s too short to hold grudges, I’m sure you’ll agree!

‘Humpty Dumpty sat on the wall!’

Their PR agent has assured me that appropriate action was taken in regards to the dodgy egg I received before and I’ve been reassured that it won’t happen again to other customers.   So….now the hatchet has been buried, here’s my thoughts on one of their other, much nicer easter eggs.   It’s up to you whether you buy them or not….

This is the Lord Dark Toffius!  He is from their Humpty Dumpty Easter Egg range, so it only seemed appropriate to balance him precariously on our garden wall.  He didn’t fall off, I carefully took him down off the wall and  bit a chunk out of him before he had chance to. He didn’t suffer, honest.  If ‘All the King’s horses and all the King’s men’ had tried to put this egg back together again they’d have had a difficult job on their hands.

Please do not contact the ‘Royal Society for the Protection of Easter Eggs.’ He did not suffer unnecessarily.

Right onto the important stuff – ‘What does this egg taste like and what’s in it?’ (and is it a racist egg?)  Lord Dark Toffius?  Hmmmm…..

This Cadbury’s Cream egg sized easter egg is is 60% cocoa dark chocolate (so this is the reason for the name, it is not in fact racist, it’s just what it’s made of! Like you hadn’t guessed!) The filling is dulce de leche which is in layman’s terms caramel, toffee, fudgy, gooey stuff.

When I bit into it, it reminded me of Vienetta style chocolate, not in regards to taste, but in regards to the delicate crunch.  One bite reveals two thin layers of dark chocolate with ‘dulce de leche’ sandwiched in between.  I found the taste very, very sweet – teeth-meltingly sweet if I’m being honest.   The trend seems to be to add salt to caramel and I think this would have suited me a little better in this instance. That’s just me and my tastebuds though.  Others more experienced chocolate conessieurs would probably say that the dark chocolate perfectly balances with the sweetness of the filling.  Each to their own!

You can’t have it, I’ve eaten it all. So there!

The Lord Dark Toffius can be found at easter on the Luckys of London website for around £6.99 if I remember correctly.  This seems a hell of a cost for a small, hollow egg, but this is a grown up egg, with a grown up price, for grown up tastebuds I suspect.  I’m a child at heart so maybe that’s why it didn’t quite do it for me.  Don’t let that stop you from indulging though.  You might love it!

This egg was reviewed out of the kindness of my heart, considering it was, in all truth, a replacement for a prize that didn’t quite work out – although Luckys of London did send it to me for review purposes.  No other financial reward was given.


7 responses to “A Lovely Chocolate Egg! Second Time Lucky!

  1. yeeehhh glad you could reach and amicable agreement.

  2. Eloquent and balanced review as always.

    • I just wanted to say thanks for such a lovely comment, that’s really appreciated. I genuinely do always try to be fair. I think it’s very important in all aspects of life, not just blogging :O) xx

  3. This is why bloggers can sell products so well. They are honest with their readers and so their readers trust them!
    I have no idea why Luckies of London would have needed to have ‘a lot of exchanges ‘ with you. That seems to me like very bad PR and I would be put off purchasing from them for that reason. (Plus the fact that they first sent you a mouldy egg!)

    Like Sarah above, I find this a well-balanced review. Well done!

    • Sorry, I should have replied to your comment ages ago. That’s such a lovely thing to say! I reckon it’s essential to say what you think in a ‘review’ blog such as this. It’s about being balanced and not dispassionate exactly, but being fair and giving credit where credits due, and constructive criticism in exactly the same way. Thank you. x

  4. I am so glad you came to an agreement and I love the pic of the egg on the wall. A great review

  5. Thanks you! It just tickled me to take a pic of the egg sat on the wall, there was simply no other way to photograph it!

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