‘Whatever Next!’ by Galt Toys.

‘Whatever Next!’ by Galt Toys.

A great game that gets you moving!

I have to say, whilst on holiday at the caravan it rained a hell of a lot.  We had rain, hail and thunderstorms with occasional sunny interludes.  Whilst it rained the kids richocheted around the caravan, pausing every now and then for fisticuffs.  It was of the utmost importance that we occupied them somehow.  ‘Whatever Next!’ helped an awful lot.

Bright, colourful, easy to understand, perfect for this age group!

To begin with you move from one side of the board to the other with a chosen counter, according to the number of spaces rolled on your dice.  Then you pick the appropriate coloured challenge or chance card according to what you land on, and if completed to a good enough standard (according to the other players) you get another go. That’s basically it. The winner is the person who gets to the end first!  Simple as!

The challenges are great fun and get everyone up and out of their seat.  For example: ‘Can you pretend to be a robot?’ or ‘Pretend to be a Deep Sea Diver’.  Below is a photograph of me completing the ‘Can you walk up and down holding one of your ankles?’ challenge which the kids thought was hilarious!  The challenges are just at the right level for younger kids, and are fun for adults too.  They do love to see us making idiots of ourselves!

Can I stop now please? *peals of laughter* 'No mummy! Not yet! You've not fallen over yet!'

Darlek pretending to be a Deep Sea Diver!

This was very popular with both kids, it was simple to get the hang of, physical and fun.  I do like to be fair with my reviews and give constructive criticism as well as praise – but I honestly cannot think of a single negative or even a tiny niggle in relation to either of the board games Galt Toys sent me to blog about.

Once again, 10/10 Galt Toys!  Thanks for saving us from ‘Caravan Fever.’

If you would like your own game of ‘Whatever Next!’ it is for sale here at £10.99.  Galt Toys kindly sent me the board game to review, no other financial reward was given. Warning – playing this game may result in extreme silliness.


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