‘Ants in Your Pants’ from Galt Toys!

‘Ants in Your Pants’

from Galt Toys!

Pesky ants!

Whilst away at the caravan over Easter we spent some quality time together playing board games.  One of which was ‘Ants in Your Pants’ from Galt Toys.  When I was a kid I remembered playing Monopoly with my parents in our little caravan and it was lovely to be able to do the same with our two, without the Monopoly and the terrible cheating.  You know who you are! *points at Sis*

So this is what you find when you empty the contents out of the box:

A load of pants! With varying numbers of ants or an anteater on the reverse of them.

Very simple to follow instructions and a coloured dice. An excellent way to teach colours to younger kids.

This is a beautifully simple game and one that we loved playing.  I’ve tried playing card games with the kids and it usually ends up all confused and with one child grabbing all the cards for no other reason than ‘they wanted them!’.  This had a logic to it that even my youngest child could understand, so the game was a huge success.

Darlek, wired on cheese, Ritz crackers and the thrill of the game!

It’s ‘easy peasy lemon squeezy’ and a laugh too.  Basically all the pants are placed on the table, with the ants or anteaters on the reverse side of them.  Then each player takes turns to roll the dice, if they roll a yellow for example, they pick up a yellow pair of pants.  Once they’ve picked up the pants they check what is on the reverse.  If they get ants on the back of them, then they have to keep the pants in their own pile.  If however, they get an anteater on the back of the pants – it eats all the ants on the pants in their pile and the pants are taken out of the game (the equivalent of clearing their pile).

Mixing the pants up, otherwise known as 'Wax on, Wax off!'

The game finishes when all the pants have been picked up from the table and the winner is the person with the least ants.  Clear as mud?  Honestly, it’s so straightforward when you actually play the game.  There’s lots of opportunities for anteaters to go ‘Nomnomnom-nom-nom’ and giggles too.

Ants in Your Pants is perfect for teaching basic maths as they have to add their ants up, it also teaches turn taking and of course colours.

Sausage loved it so much, his grandma made him an Ants in Your Pants birthday cake.  He was sooooo impressed!  Here it is!

Grandma was keen to point out that the black bits are in fact ants, not mouse poo as was very rudely (and hilariously) suggested by Great Grandma MooMoo. (which made me snigger very inappropriately and probably means I am again crossed out of the family will). I ate them, they were definitely black icing and not mouse poo.

So, as you can probably tell, the game was  a huge hit and has been immortalised in our memories through the medium of cake.

Many thanks to Galt Toys for sending us Ants in Your Pants to review, if you would like to buy your own game, you can find it here for £6.99.  No other financial reward was given.  Real ants not included.


2 responses to “‘Ants in Your Pants’ from Galt Toys!

  1. Oh, I love this! It looks like the sort of thing you would invent if you were taking part in The Apprentice and you were really clever and knew exactly what children would like and what would sell like hot cakes…

    Oh, and I love the cake, too 🙂

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