Green Science – Windmill Generator!

Green Science –

Windmill Generator

I don’t often say this, in fact I don’t think I ever have done before – but I hated this project / toy / windmill thingumajig with a passion!  Having said that, Darlek loved it and she and her father had great fun making it so they have a completely different opinion.

Bits n' Bobs n' Whirly Thingies

For me, the main problem was that it needed a lot of adult intervention: even though I am an adult, I was completely incompetent and could not do it.  At one point I simply stood in the kitchen with Darlek eating chocolate digestives and shouted rude things at it.  Not too rude, obviously Darlek is only 7 and I’d not want to pollute her delicate ears with swearing.  It was more like:

‘You stupid, annoying, blasted, whizzy, fiddly, aaaargh…*takes bite of biscuit*….windmill!  I hate you!’

I was rubbish at science,  seems nothing much has changed. Anyway!  I gave up after Darlek rolled around laughing at me being befuddled by a craft project designed for an 8 year old – and her dad took over the next day.

These are the diagrams that you use and there are written instructions too –

I couldn't make head nor tail of them, but Horace understood it all perfectly!

In addition to the items you find in the kit, you have to source a couple of things yourself – a plastic bottle and a small cross hair / hare screwdriver.  (I couldn’t find any bad tempered bunny rabbits with screwdrivers so we just made do with a screwdriver from the cupboard)

No cross hares here!

Darlek and Horace spent a while putting it together and Darlek screwed all the tiny screws in herself which she was very proud of!

Darlek: 'Mum...can you help me?'
Me: 'Nope, I'm too busy eating biscuits'

I ate biscuits and cheered her on, but was otherwise completely useless.

You screw this bit in here, and that bit in there, and wire this bit into that bit, and then you undo it and start again, and then you get annoyed and eat more biscuits.

That’s what I did anyway.  I got through half a packet of chocolate digestives in pure frustration.  Horace and Darlek finished the project in about half an hour and were very pleased with the results!   Here’s Darlek with her Windmill Generator, displaying it very proudly!  It flashed a light when the whirly bit whirled so I think that meant it generated electricity or something?

The question is.....can it power the telly? No? Aw....

Horace said it was a success anyway, so I’ll take his word for that.  If you would like your own Green Science Windmill Generator you can find them here for £9.05!

Many thanks to Evolution PR for sending me the kit and for giving me a reason to eat a lot of biscuits and rope my husband into a blogging project.   No other financial reward was given.


5 responses to “Green Science – Windmill Generator!

  1. I think ‘cross hair’ is actually a typo for ‘cross-head’ in this case. A wind-powered biscuit making machine, though… hmmm.

  2. Ah, is that what it is then? I do not understand this technical DIY science malarkey at all. Really not my cup of tea at all! I tried soooo hard as well!

  3. I used to love making things like this as a kid (looks geeky). It seems a shame that a lot of the toys we used to play with that actually taught science are considered too dangerous these days. I never blew myself up with a chemistry set and it had real chemicals in. Kids don’t get as much chance to learn by doing! At least it all worked in the end 🙂

  4. It did! No thanks to me though, lol! I’ve never been any good at stuff like this, my IT teacher used to laugh at me. Honestly, I tried really hard, but was and am apalling at anything that involves wires or any degree of accuracy. ‘Diagrams’ strike terror into me!

  5. We bought our son a kit from this company for Christmas. I had looked at exactly the same windmill generator but bought instead a kit doing various things (like getting electricity with a potato). I must admit he really liked it.

    Looking at the instructions I think ‘horror’ but my son would probably love it. But then I’m the one staring puzzledly at all those flat packed build-your-own-furniture kits, while my husband ploughs on throws the item together without so much as a glance in the direction at the paperwork!

    I still can’t even put the tray on the legs of the folding table right!!

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