The World’s Most Knobbly Knees – A Virtual Pub Trip

The World’s Most Knobbly Knees – AKA. A Virtual Pub Trip

I’d love to go out and have a quiet tipple with some of my lovely friends on t’internet and in real life – unfortunately this is impossible due to distances and a lack of people who can sit on babies.  So, this will have to do.   If you’re a fellow Tweeter I’ll be on there from 8.30pm on a Virtual Pub Trip using the hashtag #VirtualPubTrip.  Just use that tag so that other people who join in can find you.

So…the venue is a Beach Barbeque in Barbados with virtual Beer on tap.  Feel free to tweet me.  The idea is to muck about on Twitter, have a quiet drink and generally pretend to be in a nicer place than stuck in your living room. Wouldn’t you just love to be mingling on a golden beach while the sun goes down, with a couple of burgers sizzling on the barbie?

This is called making the best of things.  I can’t get out of these four walls, so I’m doing the next best thing.  I might organise this again, not sure.  Maybe I could organise cocktail recipes beforehand, anyone interested?

Right, to prove how serious I am about this, I have even….get this!…..dressed for the ocassion.  I am showing off the knobbliest knees in the world, a daft grin and an over flowery dress – so Cheers!  *Raises glass of red wine!*  I shall be tweeting in my beach outfit.  Care to join me?

Note the picture of the beach in the background. Wouldn't you just love to be there?


4 responses to “The World’s Most Knobbly Knees – A Virtual Pub Trip

  1. What a wonderful idea! I’ll start with a gin & tonic then we’ll open some wine while looking at the cocktail menu! Hic!

  2. Thankfully South Africans know how to entertain at home, however we are not South Africans and our friends tonight are Swedish, but we managed a night in, with kids, wine, food and company.

  3. Cheers to the both of you! Hope you had a lovely evening and have a cocktail on me Julia! x

  4. I like sitting on babies! always welcome to sling ’em our way for a night.I wont notice another 2 sat in front of Nick jr. Hope you had a good evening and hope Sausage has had a nice weekend xxx Anna & Andy

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