Eggscellent Eggs From Chocolate Madness!

Eggscellent Eggs From

Chocolate Madness!

Beautifully packaged and decorated!

After all my ranting about manky eggs, I thought I should really write about nice Easter Eggs too.  Just so you’re not put off them for life.  Chocolate Madness are a completely different company to the one I featured the other day by the way!

You see, Eunice at Chocolate Madness contacted me to say she was sorry I’d had such a bad experience with the mouldy egg, and she very kindly offered me two eggs for my kids to help make up for all the disappointment.  This is not a sponsored post by the way, this is just me writing about a really generous thoughtful lady who obviously makes quality chocolate, as opposed to the other company who made rather less appealing chocolate.

Nice eggs made here!

These Easter eggs arrived packaged in rouched cellophane tied with curly yellow ribbon, and they were neatly decorated with each child’s nick-name in swirly white chocolate icing.

These belong to my daughter, not to Dr Who's nemesis.

White chocolate smiley faces fell out of the egg after Darlek gnawed the end off it.     They were very quickly eaten!

Cheery chocolate!

Now, I don’t know about you, but I’m used to chocolate eggs that you can snap fairly easily with your fingers – they’re usually not amazingly thick…..but Chocolate Madness have obviously gone completely mad and have made mega thick chocolate.  This is what happened when Darlek decided that she wanted to smash the egg so she could eat it in little pieces to make it last longer.  Watch this!

(Sorry, I can’t use the slideshow option properly on here because I’m an idiot!  I just wanted you to see the photos of Darlek whacking the top of the egg with a wooden spoon, it took ages to smash!  This was an indestructi-egg!!  Very luxurious thick bomb-proof chocolate! Eunice said that her eggs were made with thick chocolate to make sure they survived the Royal Mail experience.  50 delivered and none smashed apparently!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

So, Chocolate Madness sent beautifully presented, immaculately decorated, luxurious thick chocolate Easter eggs that tasted delicious!  And I know this because I nicked a piece when they weren’t looking.  Bad me.

If you’d like a look around Chocolate Madness, here’s the website! Chocolate Madness!  They make cake toppers, wedding favours, novelty lollipops and far more, all at what I’d call sensible prices.

Many, many thanks to Chocolate Madness! The kids say thanks very much too and send chocolate smudged kisses.


4 responses to “Eggscellent Eggs From Chocolate Madness!

  1. Oh I love the slide show! She is the image of you Kay, just beautiful!
    Chocolate looks lush too 🙂

  2. Just goes to show there are some lovely people out there. Have you had closure from the other company yet?

  3. glad you had a good chocolate experience to balance out the bad one! They do look good ‘n’ thick too!

  4. Those look lovely, I am so glad you got some nice eggs this easter!

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