Not So Lucky!

Not So Lucky!

The other day I was lucky enough to win an Easter Egg from a company running a competition on Twitter.  I’m not naming the company because I’ve yet to communicate with them about this so we shall see how that goes first.

They sent me a creme egg sized Easter Egg, which was beautifully packaged, complete with a chocolate bow on the front of it, it looked delicious and I decided to save it for a special occasion.  Today my husband finished work and so we have a full week together, it’s the Easter hols so we get to spend time with relatives, and generally have a lovely relaxed time.  So I thought this evening I’d celebrate by eating my delicious, luxury easter egg.

I unpacked it, cradled it in my hands and bit the top off.  I peered in to see what was inside, it was supposed to be a milk Valrhona chocolate egg with chai tea ganache filling – and I saw this:

Two fluffy caterpillars?

Please do click on the picture to enlarge it.  The piece I’m holding has a very slightly green centre, and there are two ‘things’ inside the egg that look like fluffy caterpillars, and a third patch of white fluff too.  I’m presuming they’re mould and not wildlife.  Well I hope not anyway, as I bit the top off the egg and tasted something funny.  If I’ve just eaten a caterpillar I will be even unhappier than if it’s just mould – which is bad enough!

I know for a fact, being an expert on chocolate an’ all, that chocolate does not ‘go off’ it just loses colour and gets a bit dry and tasteless – it doesn’t go mouldy like this?   So what have I just eaten?  And will I be sick?!  I feel sick just at the thought of it.

Penicillin anyone?

I’m sat here with a glass of homemade rhubarb schnapps, swilling my mouth with it, desperately trying to get rid of the taste.  I have enough tummy problems already and I’m hoping that whatever it is in there is not going to make them any worse.  It’s probably like the sort of mould you get on bread, but I don’t really know.

I looked up a few links on mould and ganache, here’s an interesting link if you’d like a look : HERE – Check post 25 on there…..

The point I’m trying to make is that if you are a company that is aiming to increase your presence on Twitter and on social networks via blogging projects or through competitions…..please…..please…….double please…..check your stock!!!!  My mouldy cheese blogging exploits were bad enough, it puts bloggers in an awfully embarassing position.  It also makes people who enter competitions feel cheated and very negative towards the company itself.  Good news spreads quickly, bad news spreads quicker, and mould appears to spread even quicker than that.

Imagine if you had bought this for a child?

This is not a sponsored post, nor have I mentioned the name of the company.


13 responses to “Not So Lucky!

  1. I feel quite ill now….good for the diet though!

  2. Oh my goodness that is awful!

  3. How disgusting. That is one major PR fail because you can be sure your was not the only one!

  4. julie buttonf1fan


  5. oh thats not good ewww ewww ewwww! Hope you get it sorted with the company really not good PR

  6. You are bigger than me because I would have named and shamed the company.

    That’s just horrible!

    Did you contact the company? Is so, what did they say?

  7. Oh my word that looks disgusting! Can’t wait to hear what the company have to say!

  8. They contacted me last night, said they were aghast, have never seen anything like it etc etc. Sounded genuinely apologetic. I’m rather worried about other people who have bought ganache eggs from them, but I reckon they’ll have to make an announcement or something, I dunno. They said they’ll replace the egg, inform the director etc etc. A nightmare for them too I reckon!

  9. Reckon you should let Trading Standards know about that. :0(

  10. Oh my word, that is disgusting! Hope they investigate accordingly and take the necessary steps to prevent it happening again. Ughhh – I shall be checking my chocolate carefully from now on!

  11. Euwww! Glad you’ve had a reply and are taking steps to sort this out. Here’s hoping it never happens again.

  12. I think I may never eat hollow chocolate again ><

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