Mints and Very Early Mornings

Mints and Very Early Mornings

I’m determined not to lose the main reason I started this blog of mine.  I really do need to put more effort into recording the little things that make parenthood worthwhile, or bearable, or ridiculous or something.

With this in mind, I thought this was worth mentioning.

Every week I carefully dole out my tablets into my pill container, yesterday I did this while sat in front of the TV casually chatting to Horace.   Apparently after I went to bed he found one of my anti-inflammatories where I’d been sitting.  He was not amused and resolved to tell me the next morning to be more careful, which I will be.

So this morning, when Sausage woke up early and began to run around the landing dragging his toys around whilst shouting ‘I’ve found a mint and I’ve put it in my mouth!’ his dad nearly had a fit.

I was asleep on Sausage’s floor in a sleeping bag due to Horaces’ horiffic snoring the night before, so I was particularly groggy.  The first thing I knew about it all was Horace shouting from the attic ‘Spit it out!  Spit it out NOW!’

I opened one eye and saw Sausage stood at the door of his room, he went ‘phlut’ and spat something white on the floor.  He shouted upstairs, ‘But it was round and had a hole in it and everything!’ and then stared mournfully at a soggy polo mint which was gathering fluff on the floor.  Poor love.  We have rampant pill paranoia at our house at the moment.   Probably for the best really.

As for the ‘Early Morning’ bit…..  oh dear, oh dear *yawns*.  Darlek woke me at about 12am last night saying she couldn’t sleep, I told her to go back to bed and read a book whereupon she shuffled back downstairs saying she’d try.  At about 3am I woke up and heard a voice talking, I presumed it was Darlek reading to herself so just turned over and went back to sleep.  At 4am I woke again and heard two voices this time so amidst Horace’s broken tractor revving snoring noises, I staggered downstairs.

Darlek and Sausage were tucked up in bed together and Darlek was reading him the ‘Smartest Giant in Town’ by Julia Donaldson which is one of his favourites.  Apparently she’d been awake since 12am and got sick of reading to herself.  Sausage had woken up so she thought she’d help keep him occupied and stop herself being bored. Darlek had even got her school trousers on in preparation for getting up.  Just before I told her that enough was enough and that she needed to sleep, she even offered to get Sausage dressed for me because it was ‘morning’, it being after 12am an’ all. I think I probably groaned and shuffled further into my sleeping bag, so she gave up trying to persuade me to start the day at 4am and went into her own bedroom.  Sausage cried because he’d lost his storyteller but did eventually drop off to sleep which was a relief.

This morning Darlek cried whilst putting on her school uniform, she was so tired. Once she’d got dressed she curled up under a blanket in the front room and sucked her thumb whilst I did a whirling dervish impression trying to get everything together.  Packed lunches, book bags, changes of clothes and me, all rushed around the room while she lay there trying to be invisible.  I felt a little sorry for her, but if she does this again I might have to Have Words.

I am going to bed now and I intend to sleep.  If there is snoring or kids wandering around the house at silly O’clock, I might just have to go and load that water pistol that has been sat in the bathroom for a day or two. Go on, dare me!


2 responses to “Mints and Very Early Mornings

  1. Yup, Kay, I dare you! But take careful aim, don’t cause yourself more work/distress/lack of sleep 🙂 xx

  2. I would not out it past you…..please enter me in your Thank you comp

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