Sensational Sequins – Galt Toys

Sensational Sequins – Ponies!

 from Galt Toys

Galt Toys sent me a kit called Sensational Sequins which has been a huge hit with my daughter who even went so far as to say ‘This is the best craft thing you’ve ever been sent mum!’  So there’s a recommendation for you!  Darlek doesn’t mince her words and could just as easily have turned round and said ‘Mum this is crap!’ but she didn’t.  She really, really liked this!

This is what the ‘Sensational Sequins – Pony’ set looks like.

Pink Ponies and Sparkly Sequins!

…and this is what it looks like once the packet has been opened.

Nice uncomplicated equipment! Two pictures to complete, one wax crayon sequin applicator, and five different coloured packs of sequins.

The top picture is white because it still has the paper covering over it, the bottom one has had half of the paper removed so you can see the picture and the colours more clearly.

You see, this kit works on stickiness.  It could even have been called ‘Sensational Sticky Sequins!’ but I suppose that’s a slightly less sparkly kind of name.

The method is very straightforward and Darlek needed barely any instruction at all.  The pictures come with a paper layer that you peel off in ready cut sections revealing a picture underneath, covered in different coloured sticky circular spots.  Next you take your wax crayon, dab it on a sequin which automatically picks it up via static (or magic, I’m not sure which), and then you attach your sequin to the appropriately coloured sticky spot.  Pink sequin on pink circle, purple sequin on purple circle for example.

It’s like doing cross stitch without the cross or the stitching, or paint by numbers without the paint or the numbers.  That is the best way I can describe this kit.  The process is so simple, so easy, and so effective!  I’ll be honest, I’ve spent a while this evening trying to find grown up versions of sequin art because I want a go myself.

The paper is removed in sections so you can rest your hand on something that isn't going to stick to you. Very clever!

Sensational Sequins isn’t over fiddly and doesn’t contain equipment that looks flashy but doesn’t do anything much – it’s really downright practical.  I did wonder at first if the pen was unnecessary, but it does genuinely help you to aim the sequins more accurately.

Sausage desperately wanted to play with the shiny sequins. You might want to store them in little egg cups maybe as they stick to everything!

The only thing that was even slightly negative was that some of the sequins weren’t cut accurately, as in they were slightly misshapen.  On a picture like this where each sequin is placed separately in its own space, this did stand out a little.  A couple of the sequins had also lost their colour too, probably due to being swished around in the box a lot while being made, transported and packaged.  A really tiny point, but I just thought I’d make it because I’m awkward like that.

A Sensational Sequinned Pony! Darlek completed this in about 40 minutes which was brilliant.

If craft projects take too long to complete a lot of kids lose interest.  As far as I can tell Galt Toys have very neatly come up with activities that take an optimum amount of time for the age group they are catering for.  The only thing I wonder about now, is how long the sequins will stay on for.  I suppose if carefully stuck on the wall it will be a couple of months or so.

I’ve been very impressed with Galt Toys and their products so far, they really do seem to care about the quality and practicability of their crafts and toys.  If you’re looking for birthday presents or easter presents, or just something to occupy the kids on days when you need to hide in the kitchen and eat easter eggs without them hassling you – I do recommend their products, and that’s not just because they’ve sent me toys, it’s because they’re good at what they do.  Or at least I think they are.

Sensational Sequins – Ponies costs £5.99 and can be found HERE if you’d like to buy your own.

Galt Toys sent me this Sensational Sequins – Ponies kit to review, no other financial reward was given.  :O)


2 responses to “Sensational Sequins – Galt Toys

  1. Eldest got a similar set (Fantastic Foil Art) for her birthday, would thoroughly recommend that one too. My only gripe with the Foil Art set is the amount of packaging it was in, but it keeps both my girls happy and quiet and doesn’t leave loads of mess to clear up so all good with me. They’d probably like this sequin one too!

  2. Oooh, shiny! I want one of those (for myself)…

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