Mould and Paint Glitter Eggs!

Mould and Paint Glitter Eggs!

Careful the Easter Bunny doesn't steal them!

It’s Easter soon, and along with that comes the Easter Bunny and hunting for eggs and all that malarkey.  Lovely, although slightly confusing for kids I always think.    I can remember Darlek staring at me very suspiciously when I told her about a giant egg collecting / delivering bunny rabbit.  I have not tried to keep up this seasonal myth, I just couldn’t keep a straight face I’m afraid.  One of my nephews (if I remember correctly) got very confused and thought that the Easter Bunny collected all the eggs, even his very own chocolate ones.  The poor love thought they were going to be stolen by a huge rabbit.  He had to be reassured that they were actually safe and the Easter Bunny was far too nice to do something like that.

The kit for making the eggs! Paint, Plaster of Paris, Ribbons,Silver String, Fridge Magnet Sticky Things, Egg Moulds, Glitter, Instructions and a Paintbrush!

Easter waffling aside, I have some Mould and Paint Glitter eggs for review, sent by the lovely Evolution PR.  They are not in fact covered in mould, that is just what you have to do with them before you start painting and glittering them.  The eggs are made from a plaster of paris mixture which is activated by adding a touch of water.  Once the mixture looks vaguely like sloppy concrete you pour it into the moulds, leave them for about half an hour to an hour, and then pop them out of their little plastic casings and……..tah dah!!!!!   Four little half eggs that you can either stick together to make two whole eggs, or four half eggs that can have magnets attached to the back so they work as pretty easter fridge magnets.

Adding the water to the Plaster of Paris. Sausage wanted to lick the bowl at first, but we persuaded him it was a 'Very Bad Idea'.

Slap the Plaster of Paris into the Moulds and scrape off the excess.

There are two plaster of paris sachets so you can make up to eight half eggs.  You have a set of paints to work with, and a paint brush, plus ribbons, glitter, shiny string and ‘here’s one I made earlier’ images to copy on the back of the box.   Darlek and I worked together on this project.  I made my mum a little fridge magnet by copying a tulip design and Darlek made a fantastic Mr Bump inspired egg which had yellow teeth.  Darlek’s definitely had more character than mine!

Very cute! Would it make sense to say they look like Easter Christmas Tree decorations?

Darlek and I spent quality time together making the eggs, it was a great project and one that is easy, rewarding, quite quick (if you discount the waiting for the plaster to dry bit) and they do make adorable easter presents for friends and relatives.  Maybe the moulds could be a little sturdier or perhaps made of that silicone stuff that is used so often in baking equipment these days?  Or maybe the plaster would stick to that, I don’t know.  Either way, that’s only a teeny, tiny suggestion.  I give this kit 9 our of 10, it’s simple, child friendly, not too messy, rewarding, great fun all round Easter craft.

If you’d like a Mould and Paint Glitter Egg kit like this, it costs only £6.39 and you can find one HERE!   I was sent a kit to review, no other financial reward was given.


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  1. Kay, out of all the bloggers I read, you are by far the most entertaining! I love the way you write! Keep up the good work! Xx

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