Aspire – The Calorie Burning Soft Drink!

Aspire – The Calorie Burning Soft Drink!

No I’ve not gone dieting mad, I shall not be blowing away in the wind or falling down storm drains any time soon.  I am a healthy, slightly hefty, 10 stone farmer’s daughter-esque pear shaped Lancashire lass.  I’m not a diet obsessed waif of a model desperately trying to fit into a size 6 dress.  If anything, I’m an apple crumble fixated mum in search of a bigger bowl.  That’d be me.

This review has come about because a friend of mine mentioned that she had a can of some strange diet drink that claimed to burn 200 calories once drunk.  I laughed, I made jokes about it being an early April Fool, I didn’t believe a word of it.  And then I saw their webpage, their Twitter account and a little of the science behind their dietary claims. When they said they’d let me have a few cans to sample, I couldn’t resist it.  Not because I wanted to lose any more weight particularly, just out of plain curiosity.

So!  What do I think?  First things first, it looks pretty and feminine.  I like the colour scheme and the flowery pattern.  So that’s an ‘A’ for ‘Ace’ presentation.   Secondly it has a lovely, not overpowering fizz which I’ll give it a ‘B’ for ‘Bubbly’.  Moving onto my third observation, it tasted rather ‘Cueer’ (‘queer’, spelt wrong, but I couldn’t fit it in otherwise) – so I give that a ‘C’.  The drink tasted somehow slightly dry, like a dry white wine might, very strongly of cranberries and slightly of green tea.  I loved it, but my husband wasn’t keen.  I think it might be the drink version of Marmite, you either love it or you hate it.

The calorie burning, good for you ingredients are: Guarana extract, green tea extract and L Carnitine.  The calorie burning science sounds a little unusual and I can’t say much on the subject as I was rubbish at the subject at school, and could barely work a bunsen burner.  All I shall say is that I couldn’t feel any kind of internal combustion going on in my tummy so I don’t know if the calories were being burnt or not.   Mind you, the drink itself is only 5 calories per 100ml on its own, so that sells itself really as a light, low calorie drink regardless of scientific waffle that I can’t get my head around.  You’d certainly be doing yourself a favour if you chose this drink over some of the sugary, highly calorific other options you can find on shop shelves.

There is a Wikipedia entry on the subject of L Carnitine and how it might work in conjunction with a diet product if you’re curious.  Link HERE!  I can’t understand how a drink can say it burns calories if it doesn’t, but I still can’t quite get my head around how it can actually be possible.  I think you might have to make your own mind up.  Here’s another link to the ASPIRE website, so you can find out more if you’re as baffled as I am.

Cheers! *shakes can behind back, and passes it to OH with a wicked grin*


2 responses to “Aspire – The Calorie Burning Soft Drink!

  1. a nice review, very clever, glad you enjoyed it, It is a strange dry taste, Im with your hubby in this, but my hubby is with you

  2. Oooh now I’m very intrigued by this! Sounds like it might be a nice cool summery drink? Shall have to give it a go. Love your post!

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