The Naked Muse – (a post for over 18’s)

The Naked Muse.

There, that got your attention didn’t it!  All will be revealed – well not quite everything……

‘What do poetry, nude male poets, creative women and Type One Diabetes have in common?’

‘Answer:  The Naked muse 2012’

This is a post in support of ‘The Naked Muse’ calendar 2012 which has been put together to raise awareness and support for people who have Diabetes Type One, the charity in question is the JDRF (Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation).

My mum has Diabetes so this is a cause that is close to my heart, and one that I’m very happy and very proud to support.   It’s also a campaign that has a sense of humour, so that attracted me to it too.  Today I’ll show you some of the fabulous photographs in the calendar, share some of the poetry that goes alongside these and a little bit about Diabetes too.  Ladies….I reckon you’ll be impressed. *winks*

I’m photographing the calendar with my own camera, so please believe me when I say I’m probably not doing the prints justice.  They are printed in atmospheric black and white, feature smouldering male poets and each composition has a poem to complement it.  There’s no smutty limericks here, just wonderful wordy, thought provoking poems about love and all its glories.

Here is January!  I know we’re past January, but this is worth skipping back to.

February.  Nice dreds. ;O) And now for my poetic contribution!  ‘February is quite hairy’  There you go.  Don’t say I don’t do nuffink for you. Obviously the poem that really goes with is a helluva lot better than that.

March is here, along with a seductively suggestive tree.  *coughs*

April is my favourite I think.  The flowers are perfectly placed and I like his tats.  (I said ‘tats’ ….not that other word you thought I typed)

There are more lurvely photos to come, I just want to tell you a little about the story behind this.

You see amidst all the double entendres, this project has a heart, which is why it stood out to me as something really worthwhile.  The woman who co-ordinated this calender is Victoria Bennett, the founder of Wild Women Press, poet and mother of four year old Django.  She began this project because Diabetes has profoundly affected her by way of her son’s diagnosis with Type 1 Diabetes.  Django is four years old and as a result has to cope with far more than the average four year old.

As it says on their website which is HERE if you’d like to visit:  Django is four years old. He was diagnosed with Type One Diabetes at age two. Unlike other children his own age without type 1 diabetes, Django requires his insulin to be delivered into his body via an insulin pump and regular glucose level monitoring every day just to stay alive. Django could also face a future of devastating complications brought on by type 1 diabetes such as amputation, renal failure, blindness, heart disease, coma and premature death.

If this were either of my children I’d be devastated.  It’s awful to think that any child has to go through this.  JDRF has funded over £900 million into researching Type 1 Diabetes and its complications in the hope of helping children just like Django.   This is what this calendar is about, please consider buying a copy to support this charity.  It is £12.99 (RRP £14.99), is great quality and it’ll make you smile every time you look at it.   And now for more of the months of the year!

May!  Celebrating the glory of the morning! (or is that a morning glory?  Hmmm….)

June arrives dressed only in an earring and a wristband.  Must be warm that time of year, I suppose that explains the lack of clothing a little.

July.  Is this man ‘Sexting’ or ‘Texting’?

August.  I can’t get over how calm these poets look, even though they’re literally laid bare! They’re all so atmospheric.

September.  I am so sorry, but this just reminds me of Father Ted and the episode when Father Jack goes native in the Irish countryside. If I could add a speech bubble it would say ‘Feck, Drink, Girrrls!’.  (Sorry I hope you can forgive me for that Victoria)

October.  I love the shadows and the delicate placing of the paper on this one.  Don’t tell me you didn’t peer closer and try and peep…

November is delicately screened and beautifully shaded.   You might have to buy the calendar to see it properly.  (ahem!)

December ponders thoughts that probably aren’t to do with Christmas shopping.

And the final poem and photograph is my absolute favourite of all.  Would any of you like to pick up this hopeful hitchiker?  I’m being completely truthful when I say I’d just like to give him a really big blanket and a pair of shoes.  The poor man must be freeeezing!

Please do visit the Wild Women Press page where they feature so much more about this project, I couldn’t possibly hope to fit it all onto one blog post.    There’s more information about Diabetes, about the poets who contributed, about the poets who were photographed, Django’s background, the exhibitions of the prints, newsletters to download, how the media has covered the calendar launch – tons of interesting stuff.  It’ll take you one click to visit, and I reckon you’ll find a lot to browse and be interested in.  You might even like to buy a copy of the calendar yourself.  I for one, hope you do!


One response to “The Naked Muse – (a post for over 18’s)

  1. Graham Eccles.

    I was freezing. But it was worth it. Plus, my month has no dates, so can be used all year round, and a great little poem by Wendy Cope. I like to think i prove that some poets are like a 60 proof Gin Wendy!! 🙂

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