For the Love of an iPad!

For the Love of an iPad!

(and a bit of a dieting update)

Both kids love Horace’s iPad and spend ages playing games on it given half a chance.  Sometimes they play nicely and share, other times they bicker like cat and dog.  The main problem is that Sausage can’t always get his head around the rules of these apps, and Darlek takes the rules very seriously.  Sometimes there are squeals and sharp words exchanged, usually along the lines of ‘Poopy-Pants!  You’re ruining the game!’ or ‘Gerroffit, it’s my turn’.  Or the worst line ever which is ‘MuuuuUUuum, tell him to stop it!’ and I have to play mediator, which I’m rubbish at because I can’t ever work out who’s being the biggest iPad hog as they’re as bad as each other to be honest.

Sausage in particular really loves the iPad.  The other day his dad asked him in the way parents do, ‘Who do you love then?’ and he replied ‘Daddy and his iPad’.  He followed that with ‘Mummy doesn’t have an iPad, but I love her anyway.’  Which is reassuring, I think?

The other day he begged me to let him stay at home instead of going to nursery.  Me being the needy Kay that I am, said ‘Why?  Do you want to stay home with mummy?’  The reply was ‘I want to play Lego Batman all day!’  I was quietly miffed and wondered at the time if he’d love me more if I wore a Batman costume.  I used to worry when the kids would talk back to the presenters on kids telly, now I worry that Horace and I are in direct competition with the electronic babysitter gadgets too.

In other news, I’m losing the will to diet.  Help me!  I’ve gone from 11 stone to 10.2lb, and then back up to 10 stone 3lb.  I know I’ve gone on about being ‘hungry’ but honestly, this diet does give you more than enough to survive on.  I just want sweet things.  I lust after puddings terribly!

The first two weeks I literally didn’t touch chocolate or biscuits or crisps or anything at all that wasn’t part of the diet.  My will power was excellent for a while, but no-one can keep that up for very long and I slipped.  In fact I slipped into, this last week, 3 pieces of apple & blueberry pie, a whole massive packet of marshmallows, peanuts and an illicit after 10pm salami sandwich with loads of butter.

I confessed all to Claire my consultant and she was very understanding.  In fact she pigeonholed me perfectly, so much so that I was actually taken aback.  I am apparently a ‘diet extremist’ despite never having dieted properly in my life before this diet review.  In a nutshell I have taken this Jenny Craig diet as a set of rules I cannot break and I have followed them to the letter – so much so that I didn’t even sniff a bar of chocolate.  Now I’ve pushed myself so hard, I’ve swung the other way and have begun bingeing again.  Not one biscuit, but the whole packet kind of thing.   I think it’s something to do with being an extremist in general.  I’m an all or nothing kinda gal.

The trick apparently, is to treat the diet like a lifestyle change rather than a diet.  I can’t possibly carry on devouring whole ‘nice to share’ packets of crisps all to myself in half an hour – I’ll eventually end up the size of a house.  I need to stop being so extreme and let myself have small treats, whilst not depriving myself.  That way I won’t find myself going nuts and eating four cadbury creme eggs in a row, as I have done in the past.  It’s about finding a balance.  I’m not sure I can do that, but I’ll try for the next week and a bit.   (she says with a scraped clean empty bowl of apple and blueberry pie sat in front of her).  It’s not easy.  I feel like I’m trying to give up smoking or binge drinking or something.

So that’s me and my thoughts for the day. I’m going to shuffle into the kitchen now with my empty bowl and try and hide it from Horace’s line of sight.  He looks  at me and smirks every time he catches me eating anything remotely out of diet bounds.  Well, I’m only human!  And I really like puddings.  So bite me! *looks insolent*


3 responses to “For the Love of an iPad!

  1. Im quite lucky we dont do puddings in this house, never have done, we eat 1 course and 1 course only. do eat cakes, well I make them shame to waste them, but usually as a 9pm snack if Im hungry.
    you do need to change yur attitude to food, but if it were that easy I would be a size 14 not a 20

  2. We don’t often do puddings or have much sweet stuff in the house due to my terrible bingeing. The kids ask for puddings sometimes so I do make them ocassionaly. Yep, I need a change of attitude, but it’s so much easier said than actually done isn’t it!

  3. I’m the same as you Kay, I can cope with the diet but after a few weeks, sometimes not even as long as that, I go mad for something sweet. That’s my downfall.

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