Wild Science Lip Balm Laboratory!

Wild Science

Lip Balm Laboratory!

Pink as a very pink thing.

OK, first impressions….the packaging is pink, very pink and I don’t much care for stereotyped toys aimed for ‘girls’ and ‘boys’ if I’m being honest – but my daughter who is 7 was very impressed with the look of it and couldn’t wait to have a go.  She’s just starting to take an interest in make-up and has borrowed my lip balms a few times, so having her own lip balms to play with was an exciting prospect.

A very well set out kit. A word of advice for Wild Science, get some decent sized gloves!

I thought it might be rather complicated and was prepared for a lot of reading of instructions and mixing and mucking about, but I was pleasantly surprised.  It really is quite an easy process and not one where you have to worry about blowing up your kitchen or anything.  With a name like ‘Wild Science’ I was bound to worry a little you see….

Thankfully nothing blew up!

The steps are outlined here in the very easy to understand instructions, and we had no problems getting to grips with making the lip balm.  Very briefly summarised, you mix the little wax beads with the Soy Ester in the small beaker, add some baby oil and then bob the beaker in the large beaker which is full of water heated up in the  microwave.  Rather like the process you’d use to melt chocolate without burning it, if you’ve ever done that.  Then you add colouring & flavouring.  As the melted mixture gradually cools down it turns into lip balm as we know it and can easily be decanted into the little compact shown here. That’s almost literally it!  The finished product really is as good as the stuff you buy in shops!

Very easy to follow instructions. You definitely need adult supervision for the younger age range though,

The equipment is really handy, in that when you have finished your lip balm making, you can put everything back in its allocated plastic slot and slide it back into the Wild Science box so it’s ready to slide out and use again the next time you want to make some.  I thought it was great that they even supplied a little stand you could put your large beaker in, so you could safely stand it in the microwave while the water heated up.  It’s a very well thought out kit.

Note the little stand to stop the beaker falling over. Very neat.

My only complaint is that they supply adult sized disposable gloves for children to use.  As you can see from the photos my daughter really struggled to do the quite delicate tasks with huge floppy plastic gloves.  I’m amazed that’s not an issue they’ve considered whilst putting the lip balm laboratory together as a product, they do seem to have thought of everything else.

Plain lip balm, cherry flavoured lip balm and balm with sun screen included. Pretty too!

This Wild Science Lip Balm Laboratory can be bought for £12.99 and if you’re looking for something to inspire your kids to get handy in the science department, this is a great start.  I’d certainly consider getting other kits now I’ve had experience with this one, it’s well explained, simple and very effective.   Both my kids enjoyed applying the lip balm afterwards and my son had at least three coats on at once because his sister insisted on experimenting on him. Darlek said applying lip balm would turn him into a Super Hero, and being the gullible 3 year old he is, he was more than keen to see if it really did or not.   The lip balm is non-toxic which is great too!

I was sent this Wild Science Lip Balm Laboratory by Evolution PR to make my kitchen sides very slippery and for review purposes. No other financial reward was given.


5 responses to “Wild Science Lip Balm Laboratory!

  1. Wow sounds awesome. If only I had one! And if only I had a microwave!

  2. You don’t really need a microwave you know, all you have to do is make sure that the water in the big beaker is hot enough to melt the wax whilst not burning yourself. Simple as! I was all ready to be v critical of this pink monstrosity of a box, but it’s actually a nifty little kit and the finished product is just as good as shop bought balm.

  3. You actually just sold that to me, I want one for my Alice-Sara maybe then like yours, she will stop nicking mummys.x

  4. You are so lucky you get to do this, this looks so fun!

  5. We are very lucky with some of the blogging projects we get. This is a particularly well thought out kit too, I was more impressed than I thought I would be. There’s even a bit in the instructions that tells you to prop your slimy balm spoon on a certain spot so it doesn’t make the rest of the kit sticky. We did enjoy this one, even if it was so pink! *shudders*

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