The Jenny Craig Diet – End of Week 2

The Jenny Craig Diet –

End of Week 2

I’ve just started week 3 of the Jenny Craig diet, and the above is my half way video blog.  I have lost half a stone!!!  Not bad eh?

It has not been easy though and I have missed my bars of chocolate and my stodgy puddings and cake and sweets …….*Kay drifts off into a food reverie*

Anyway, if you’re reading this I suppose you might be a little curious as to how this all works.  It’s basically a fairly strict calorie controlled diet.  Your Jenny Craig consultant calculates how many calories you need to function in your daily life, and you stick to that as far as you can – without the added extras which led to your weight gain in the first place.  This is how I understand it to be anyway!

This looks a lot until you think it has to last for 2 weeks...

Breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks are all sent in one big cardboard box every fortnight and you are also supplied with a meal plan and literature that helps you learn about portion control, how to understand your eating habits, how to monitor your own weight loss programme through graphs and goals.  It’s almost as simple as that.  In addition to this they recommend supplementary food you can buy yourself to complement the diet so you get your fresh foods too.  They do not supply will power in packets though, which is a great shame.

The enclosed Jenny Craig folder has a load of useful, supportive information about your diet and your food habits.

I'm definitely an 'emotional eater'. Cake is my solace when all else fails!

So, you may be wondering if the stuff tastes ok or not.  Is it all rice cakes and gloop?  Here’s a few pictures of the diet food delivered that Jenny Craig provides. None of the packaging is recyclable which is disappointing.  Sort it out Jenny!

Snacks for weak moments, and there have been many!

Soup with noodles, mashed potato with veg - you simply add boiling water to these. Posh Pot Noodles?

A selection of the meals. All of these simply need reheating. Very quick, but very processed food. 95% of the meals I've had have been really nice. It all comes down to your personal taste preferences really.

There is a vegetarian menu which I tried for the first two weeks, and a menu for people who eat meat too – so far I’ve enjoyed both menu choices.  The only thing I’m not keen on is that many of these include rice or pasta, which is  pre-cooked so just needs heating – this means it tends to lack texture sometimes.  It’s a shame these side elements to a meal don’t come separately.  I’d happily reheat a bag of rice alongside a main dish, it’s more of a hassle and probably more expensive, but I think it would taste a little nicer.  The meals are incredibly easy to prepare though, you just can’t get more convenient than one squeezy packet!

You are encouraged to add your own cooked vegetables or salad to their meals so that does counteract the processed food feel, so that helps at least.

I’ve found the consultations really helpful too.  As I’ve said in the video, a lady called Claire rings me every week and we discuss how the diet is working for me.  Honestly she’s an absolute sweetie!  I know it’s her job to be nice, but she does seem genuinely keen to help me, and others of course, to lose weight.  It must get tedious talking to people about calories and diets all day every day, but you’d never know it from speaking to her.  Claire’s positive attitude to weight loss, her helpful tips, her efficient but friendly manner is exemplary.  If they train all their staff like they seem to have trained Claire (although I’m sure it must come naturally to a great extent) then you are very likely to be chatting with your consultant like a friend before you know it.  I look forward to speaking to her, because it’s so nice to hear someone praising me for all my efforts.  It’s almost a shared victory.  A couple of pounds less, someone to share the success!  I think the consultations are a very important part of the healthy eating process.

Here’s a photo of the Jenny Craig Chicken Curry with vegetables I cooked and added myself.  It was a lovely meal and I didn’t feel cheated, even though the rest of my family were on ‘Bangers, Mash & Beans’, a meal I love.  That’s the hardest bit, cooking food for the family, but eating something different yourself.


I’ll blog a few more of the dishes with my final post, so you can see what you’d be eating. Speaking of which, I’m hoping to lose another half stone by the end of my ‘Adventures in Dieting’, so I’ll be back down to 10 stone.  I’m even considering trying to work my way back to 9 1/2 stone which was my pre-pregnancy weight once I’ve finished my month trial and have learnt some healthy eating strategies.

On the other hand I might just sit and eat a whole chocolate cake to myself and pile it all back on.   Hmmm…. decisions, decisions!

If you are considering this diet Jenny Craig have just announced an exciting offer for new clients – a 50% discount on a two week programme, which works out at just £38.50 a week/£5.50 a day for all your food AND consultations.

Anyone who’s interested should just call 0800 088 2048.

Right, I’ve finished this blog, I’m off to drink a low calorie hot chocolate, and stare longingly at the Hotel Chocolat brochure that dropped through my letterbox this morning.  *sighs*


5 responses to “The Jenny Craig Diet – End of Week 2

  1. Kay that’s fantastic!!!! So pleased for to have lost this much in two week, absolutely brillIant. Come on another two, and you’ll reach your goal :)))

  2. Lol, you certainly have far more willpower than me!

    I don’t suppose now is a good time to remind you that it’s Pancake Day tomrrow then?

    (Mibsy runs off very very fast!, OUCH that hurt!)

  3. Oh well done you, I just couldn’t do it! Would still want chocolate after! No discipline!

  4. I’m really glad that you did a post about Jenny Craig. I’ve always wondered how the meal tasted. You made me laugh throughout — in a good way. Great video, too. By the way, let me know when you can get willpower in packets! LOL!! xx

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