Cybher & Britmums Blogging Conferences

Cybher & Britmums Blogging Conferences

Here are links to the two major blogging events happening this year. CYBHER and BRITMUMSLIVE if you’d like to find out more about them.

OK, I’ll lay my cards on the table.  I really want to go to either of the conferences above, and I mean really, really, really, really.  You might now be thinking, well why not go?  The answer is because it costs too much for a mum looking after two kids, on one income.  That’s it exactly, I cannot go because I cannot afford it.

That is the situation for almost everyone at the moment I think, times are tough and money doesn’t grow on trees.  So, that is why I feel bad asking for sponsorship.  Are you really in a much better position than me, what gives me the right to ask you to fork out for me to go to a weekend in London to see my mates and listen to a few speeches?  Good question and one which I have thought about a lot.

Businesses have to look for the best return for their time and effort.  Would you really get anything in return for sponsoring me to go to either event?   How would that help you financially in the long run?  What kind of exposure would you get, and would it really be worth it?  Again, good questions.

I’ll give it my best shot.

Blogging is a fabulous way of reaching your target audience.  I write the truth about what I think in regards to products, I write honestly about my life, I air thoughts that are no-one else’s but my own.  If you regularly read my blog, and listen to my ramblings, maybe you think my opinions are worth something.   Should you decide to sponsor me, and if I love your products, I will shout about them from the rooftops!  And if others read this blog, and see what I think, and hopefully value my opinions a little too, I may be able to direct people your way.

However you’d like to do that would need to be discussed, sponsorship would mean an ongoing relationship with the blog I know that much.    Over the last few years I’ve built up 2487 followers on Twitter,  and I’ve been listed 113 times.  I’m fairly well placed to publicise you and your business.  Help me make my social networking addiction useful!!!  *grins hopelessly*  ;O)

There’s been much talk of bloggers and blaggers in some of the online circles I’ve moved about in recently.  I’d just like to assure you I’m not a blagger, I’m not out for something for nothing, I’m just trying to improve myself and my skills and get somewhere with the talents I have which are laid bare on this blog – if you’re a regular reader you’ll already know my strengths, and probably my weaknesses too.  You’ll also know how much the Brink of Bedlam has grown over the last 12 months.  I’m not blagging you, I’m offering a lot in return.  Well I think so anyway! *blushes*

I’m hoping that someone reading this blog sees something in my writing, my blog and my future that is worth investing in.  Should you decide you want to work alongside me, and openly sponsor me for these events, I’ll represent you in the best way I can.

There will be no figures laid out on this blog, I’m happy to accept whatever you can offer to help me get to either of these events and in return I’ll blog my little cotton socks off for you, tweet like a crazy woman for you, display your badge etc.    (all negotiable of course).  One way or another I want to get ‘somewhere’ with the Brink of Bedlam, please say you’d like to help me get there.  Cybher and Britmums are the equivalent of starting blocks for me and my blogging career.  (I’ve been brainwashed by the Olympics!).  If you’d like to run alongside me, please tweet / email me.  My email address is, my username is @Chaoskay and my enthusiasm is boundless.

Thanks for reading, either way.  Kay :O) xxx


One response to “Cybher & Britmums Blogging Conferences

  1. Good Luck! If you need someone to back you up on your enthusiasm I’m always here LOL. One day I’ll get up the guts to come to a non-Mummy blogging conference and meet you all as well 🙂

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