Almost Perfect Pancakes!

Almost Perfect Pancakes!

Sponsored by my lovely food blog sponsors, Healthy Supplies.   Pls see the bottom of the recipe for delicious pancake ingredients you can buy from them, including egg free, gluten free, wheat free, powdered recipe substitutes.  If you have allergies you don’t have to miss out on pancakes, you can simply adapt them. 

I have a confession to make.  I bought pancakes ready made from a shop last year because I couldn’t face having to make them, it’s a bit shameful really.  They are such a simple recipe, but I’ve just never mastered the art of cooking them properly. Every single time I’ve tried I have ended up with half cooked globs of goo, and definitely not in neat circles, usually flattish semicircles because of failed ‘flipping’ attempts.

Practise for Pancake Day!

This year I decided to have another go, ‘I will not be beaten by Pancakes!’ I thought in a daring kind of voice.  Recently I’ve been trying out quite a few Jamie Oliver recipes from his Ministry of Food cook book, and I’m really quite impressed.  The recipes seem easy to follow, not overly fussy, don’t include excesses of wierd ingredients I can’t source from my local supermarket and he makes me laugh with his casual turn of phrase sometimes: eg …….. ‘Bhajis are a great thing to eat with your curry (especially after a few drinks!)’  Horace can’t stand the sight of the poor man, I think he’s cute but don’t tell him.  He never reads these blogs so I think I’ll get away with that.  Shush…..

Kay studies the simplest recipe in the world very carefully.....

So I thought I’d see what he thought of making pancakes, and I was pleasantly surprised again.  He works with the american style ‘Cups’ here, and really does actually show a mug on the recipe page.  The idea quite literally is, as long as you use the same measuring tool each time and fill it to the full, you can’t go wrong.  I love recipes that you can’t go wrong with *hugs recipe book*.   The detailed recipe is at the bottom of this post.   It’s adapted a little, Jamie suggested putting yoghurt and mango in and the cupboard was bare so I just made do with what I had.

This recipe tells you how to make lighter fluffier American style pancakes as well as the flatter traditional english ones.  I thought I’d have a go at the American ones, just to see if they were any easier.  Literally, the only difference is that you have to use self-raising flour instead of plain flour, simple as!  So off I went, cracking eggs and mixing milk, a nip of salt, a kerflop of flour.  (I just made ‘kerflop’ up, it does sound like that when you dump a load of flour in liquid don’t you think?  Or is it just me that thinks that?)

Please note the ladybird design nail varnish. I was bored. Darlek helped, my other nails look like squashed ladybirds. None got in the recipe you'll be pleased to know.

Whisk enthusiastically!

I left the mixture in the fridge covered with cling film for a while although I’m not sure if this makes any difference or not really.  I’ve heard this is one of those urban myths except with a cooking edge to it.  And then…….the real cooking began.  This is the bit where it usually all goes tits up for me.

The heat is on!!!

The butter went in the frying pan at a medium heat, and as soon as it started smoking slightly I took a ladlefull and plopped it in.  They always cook so quickly it usually panics me into a gooey mixture poking frenzy where I spread the batter all over the place as if it’s been dropped from a 50 foot height.  This time I held back from pushing the frying batter all over the plan and just watched it for about a minute, and then I slid the spatula under the sizzling gloop and flipped it over, whilst still….SHOCK…HORROR…. still in an approximate circle that looks like a pancake!

Make them smaller, they're easier to flip!

I left them for approx another minute and then slid them off the frying pan and onto a plate.  Then, and I think this is an important bit, I carefully used some kitchen roll to wipe the pan clean of brown, slightly burnt looking butter, added more butter, and then started again.  Hence lovely golden pancakes instead of muddy looking ones.  A great tip I thought!

Snippet of conversation mid writing flow when I forgot the word for ‘Spatula’

Me:  ‘ What’s do you call that erm…… (does hand sliding under pancake gesture)……erm …spatula!

Horace: ‘I dunno what you call your spatula……. Fred maybe?’  (helpful as always)

I only made small ones too, so I fitted about four pancakes in one pan.  That made them a lot easier to flip over, although I didn’t try the spectacular-triple flipping-near-the-light-fittings kind of thing.  I’m just not brave enough for that.

Lovely with lemon!

This is how they turned out!  What do you think?  They are by no means perfect, but they were edible, reasonably pancaked shaped and not burnt. I droodled maple syrup over them and added a traditional squeeze of lemon. (‘Droodling’ another made up word which is a mixture of dribbling and noodles, exactly how you squiggle maple syrup on a pancake I’d say, I always go for noodling patterns).

You could always do as we did and add a bit of dessicated coconut and fruit too if you like.  Healthy Supplies sell some lovely Dessicated Organic Coconut which  complements these pancakes nicely.

Can you guess what it is yet? (Rolf Harris Tone of Voice)

These pancakes were delicious if I say so myself.  I don’t know if I’ve been using the wrong recipe all these years, or if simply substituting self raising flour for plain flour has been the saviour of my pancaking skills, either way, I highly recommend having a go at this!  You (probably) won’t ever need to buy shop bought ones and try and pass them off as your own ever again. Not that I ever did that.  I’d never do that.  ;O)

If you would prefer to make this with Gluten and Wheat Free Self Raising Flour, you can find it here under ‘Dove’s Farm Gluten Free Self-Raising White Flour.’  You could even use Milk Powder, so you can always have milk in your cupboards even when your fridge is empty.  I’d never heard of the ingredients prior to this, useful stuff I thought, you see we have milk monsters at our house.  They drink the lot when I’m not looking!  There’s also something called ‘Oggran No Egg’ you can buy which is an egg replacer ingredient which I have to say I’ve never tried.  If you do have a go at pancakes and use the no egg ingredients I’d love to how it tastes and if it works or not.

There are other fabulous pancake recipes on Healthy Supplies’ website if you fancy being more daring than me! Pls click HERE if you’d like to have a look.

Recipe from Jamie Oliver’s Ministry of Food

American Style Pancakes: 1 Cup of Self Raising Flour, 1 Cup of Milk, Sea Salt, 25g of Butter, 1 Egg (preferably free range), and 1 Lemon or Lemon Juice.

Crack egg into a large mixing bowl.

Add flour milk and a pinch of sea salt and whisk it all together.

Put the batter in the fridge for a bit, maybe 20 mins or so.

Place one ladleful of batter into the saucepan for each pancake, you should be able to cook approx four at a time.

Fry on a medium to high heat for 1-2 minutes on each side.

Place cooked pancakes on a warmed plate, wipe the saucepan clean with kitchen roll.

Start again!  Repeat until all the batter has gone.

Eat too many, feel vaguely sick.  (That bit’s not in the recipe, it’s just what I did)


4 responses to “Almost Perfect Pancakes!

  1. Mmmmmm and I love the smiley pancake face at the end

  2. Looks great! I love pancakes!

  3. first of all sorry but I had to laugh….you been hanging around with me to long…..pmsl
    the no egg does work, but does not give the lightness that whisking ordinary egg does, in pancakes I think the flaxseed ( works better. The no egg stuff is good in cakes and makes good meringues. And may I advise if you are using egg free and gluten free then adding yoghurt gives a nice lightness to them that they lack. and if you need to take it the whole hog rice milk is lighter that soya…

  4. I love making pancakes, we have them as savoury ones for lunch at times. they are so versatile x

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