Winnie The Pooh & The March of Time

Winnie-The-Pooh &

The March of Time

This evening I read the last chapter of ‘The Complete Winnie-The-Pooh’ to Darlek for her bedtime story and oh my goodness I struggled.  In particular I had difficulty with the very last paragraph which goes like this:

‘So they went off together.  But wherever they go, and whatever happens to them on the way, in that enchanted place on the top of the Forest a little boy and his Bear will always be playing.’

I could barely get the words out because of the streams of tears running down my cheeks.  Such simple words that say so much.  Darlek curled up next to me in bed, resting her head on my shoulder as I struggled to explain why I was crying.  She wiped my tears away with a toy Gruffalo, and giggled at me and asked me what it all meant.  Taking huge gulps of air to try and calm myself I told her that it was almost impossible to explain, and that one day, if she’s ever a mum herself, she’d understand.  Not content with that, she asked me again and I went on about how children always grow up, about how life just gets bigger somehow as you get older and that toys and simple things get left behind, replaced with jobs and homes and work and responsibilities.  She smiled at me, and cuddled me and maybe understood a little, I don’t know.

The thing is, whilst reading that one sentence, I felt my wonderful little girl slipping away from me.  One day she will grow up, her Care Bear will be discarded  in the bottom of a cupboard somewhere, the little shoes she wore for her second birthday will never be worn again by her, we won’t always do the school run and walk hand in hand whilst jumping on Autumn leaves skittering around on the pavement.  These days will not last forever.  In fact she probably won’t even remember a lot of these times, because they disappear almost without trace.  Every time the sun sets another day is gone.  Perhaps the only record of some of our most precious moments will be these words on this page.

Darlek will become a tweenie (or whatever the term is!), a teenager, a young adult, a grown up, a mother maybe, a wife, a grandma, a great grandma – someone else.  But to me, she’ll always be my baby, no matter what.  When she’s old and grey and I’m long gone, somewhere up in the ether there’ll be me looking down on her, wanting to stroke her cheek as she falls asleep and remembering the time she wiped my tears away with a toy Gruffalo as I cried and tried to explain the March of Time and how it carries us onwards.

Sentimental rubbish, but you know how it is.  Sometimes I just want to grab time and hold it where it is, but it just bounces away from us all Tigger-like.


5 responses to “Winnie The Pooh & The March of Time

  1. How dare you make me cry like that! I was just talking to my Mum today about the little girl she remembers and that alter ego of mine who will always be a stranger. Hold on to these precious times – they’ll see you through the difficult teenage years until your darling daughter comes back to you as a mature, loving, adult. You’re laying strong foundations – enjoy each stage for its own special qualities.

  2. Well ther’a nothing like being reduced to tears on a Sunday morning!! That really did bring a tear to my eye. It is really hard sometimes accepting that they are growing up so quickly. The early years seem to go a lot slower and then once they go to school the time flies. I have a sixteen year old and I look at him now all grown up and independent and I am so proud of him and although he doesn’t need me as much, he is and always will be my baby. But it makes me appreciate the little ones more as I have seen how quickly they do grow up!

  3. Well now you’ve done it. I’m sobbing into my tea…hormonal thing that I am right now!
    Such a truly beautiful post – Completely understand what you mean too… My eldest 2 are fast becoming tweens and not babies anymore. Even my youngest will start school in September. How is the Lords name did that happen. I always tell them that no matter what, they will always be my babies too.

  4. “These days will not last forever. In fact she probably won’t even remember a lot of these times, because they disappear almost without trace.”

    Sadly so true 😦 I try to think back to my childhood and I can’t remember being the girl I’ve seen in photos. I try to take pictures and remember what my girls do/say/are but even in their short lives I feel I’ve forgotten so much. There’s all the new days to enjoy, but I still want to cling on to every moment of them because it has gone past far too quickly. Beautifully written, I think I’ll just go have a cuddle with my ‘babies’* while they still let me 🙂

    [* almost-five and two & a half, but still MY babies ;-)]

  5. aaahhh Kay that was beautifully written with the sentiments oh so true, my baby will be 33 next month, and its lovely that she still wants and needs me, and even more lovely that she has brought me 2 grandchildren who bring the whole family so much joy.

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