Blue Microphone – The Snowball!

Blue Microphone – The Snowball!

Very seasonal I thought!

It was snowing heavily on the day this arrived in December.  How perfect! A Snowball on a snowy day I remember thinking! This is one snowball you wouldn’t want to chuck across a playground though…

I’m really impressed with this microphone, it claims to be the world’s first professional USB mic, and it picks up sound very effectively without having to go so far as to use a recording studio.  Excellent!  Personally I’m not a singer or a performer, but I am very interested in vlogging and being able to communicate via my computer and maybe even podcasting one day.  This is one snazzy piece of kit that will make these activities so much easier and sound so much more professional.  I aim to use it a lot as the days go by.

One thing I like about this is that it works well with both Macs and PC’s, which is really convenient.  The Snowball is remarkably sturdy too, it comes with its own stand and just feels nice and solid besides looking  beautifully shiny and swish.  It looks like a quality bit of technology and its credentials back that up.  The Apple website has them for sale HERE, all the tecchie details are shown there if you’re want to know more about the specifications.

To begin with, when you open the box you find: A Snowball Microphone, a 6 inch stand, and a USB cable.  Once set up you have to play with: a professional condenser microphone which is ‘plug and play’ and ready for use (no additional software necessary) and it is surprising easy to fathom.  If you’re a band wanting great sound, this is said to be the ideal choice, and if you’re a blogger wanting to expand your horizons, I’d recommend it too. Should you want a viewpoint other than my own, take a look at the reviews on HERE.

All in all I’d say this is a practical product that is worth investing in if you want decent sound as well as decent pictures on your videos or blogs and for your band if you have one.  I’m too old to be in a band and I can’t sing so don’t even try to egg me on….

Testing....testing... 123....

Plus!  The Snowball doesn’t need batteries because it’s USB!  Just a little aside.  (This is a little bug bear of mine, everything in this house runs out of batteries all the time – at least this won’t die on me!).  I forgot to mention, this is dual capsule design and is unique because it features a three pattern switch-cardioid with 10db pad, and omni.  I don’t fully understand what that means as yet, because I’ve only just started playing with it, but as time goes on I’ll be using it in future blogs and letting you know just how these features pan out.

This Blue Snowball was sent to me to review and to repeatedly say ‘Over and Out’ and ‘Roger!’ at.  No other financial reward was given.


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