Raise funds for Breast Cancer Care and have a clear out!

Raise funds for Breast Cancer Care and have a clear out

A guest post, I thought I’d include this as it is for a good cause, and I’m all for decluttering too (because I’m so good at it…..*lies through teeth)

Across the globe, nearly each and every one of us has done something for charity at one point in our lives. Whether you ran a marathon for Breast Cancer Care or donated clothes and food for homeless shelters, everybody will have done their bit to help others.

It’s a nice feeling helping others, there are so many people worse off than ourselves, and it is important for us to do our bit. The latest trend in raising funds is to have a full clear out of all of your out of date entertainment and sell them through Music Magpie for charity.

How to have a clear out for Breast Cancer Care

Every household is full of things like CDs and games, and you can also get money for these when you sell DVDs online for cash. When you find the opportunity to have a clear out, it can be an exciting time as you wonder what you can use that extra room for – it is also time to start the feel good factor.

All you need to do is get on musicMagpie and scan the bar codes of your CDs, DVDs and games to see how much they are worth. If you aren’t interested in getting the pennies or pounds back, then you can send the money direct to charity via the icons on the website.

By donating to charity, you can do your bit for helping the lives of others simply by trading in things that you don’t want or need anymore. It’s so simple as well – all you need to do is scan the product in, find out how much you can raise and then print out a FREEPOST label to send to the company. Alternatively, if you are giving many products then a free courier service is on offer to collect them directly from your door.

Why now is a good time to donate

Let’s face it, the happiness of Christmas also comes with disappointment – there are many presents that you didn’t really want. Research shows that this year people have traded in more than ever using Music Magpie, so is it time for you to get rid of ‘Thriller’ or the latest Green Day album?

Every home is on the brink of bedlam, where there are more products in your property than you can actually house. So, why not start clearing that chaos to make a cleaner house for your family, and help charities achieve their goals.


2 responses to “Raise funds for Breast Cancer Care and have a clear out!

  1. Actually, we currently have no clutter, had to leave quite a bit behind in the move ( lack of room on the van) and are now rattling around in a great huge place lol!

    (will be posting pics on my blog just as soon as BT FINALLY get us back online properly, this dongle thingymajig says my blog is an adult site and simply won’t allow me to post on my own blog!?!)

    Great way to raise ,money for charity

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