Making Xmas Decs with Yummy Dough!

Making Xmas Decs

with Yummy Dough!

This little bucket of fun saved me from complete insanity this afternoon.  It was the first day of the Christmas holidays and it was chucking it down.  Sausage kept trying to throw himself off the sofa onto cushions he had thrown onto the floor as a makeshift ‘playground’ and Darlek was pleading for TV every couple of minutes – so Yummy Dough craft it was!  The overall summary of the doughy afternoon is at the end of the post.

When you open the packet, this is what you find!

Four white plastic bags with printed serial numbers and... orange spatula and...

...a syringe?!....

So, it’s very simple!  Each bag needs precisely 15ml of water adding to it; it then needs mixing until it’s like a crumble mixture – then finally kneading until it resembles dough.   Easy peasy.

You can even use the bucket to mix the dough, as long as you rinse it between mixing the different colours.

Mix flour type stuff with an precisely 15ml of water.

The syringe is simply so that you mix only 15ml of water with the dough, no more, no less.  I know this is important because our green dough turned into a horrid sticky mess because I added an extra 2 teaspoons.  See daughter’s hands when she tried to knead it:

Anyone for a hug?

Once you’ve mixed all the bags you get four lovely juggling ball sized lumps of dough to play with!

Nice vibrant colours! They reminded me of multi-coloured over-sweet scone dough

After squishing them around on a tray for a while, rolling sausages and stamping shapes we came up with these ‘biscuits’ which we decided were destined for our christmas tree. I used a chopstick to make holes in them, so they could be hung on ribbons once they were cooked.

Sausage favoured sausage shapes, Darlek made a bird's nest, I made spots :O)

These were all placed on greaseproof paper and bobbed in the oven at 120 degrees (fan assisted) for the recommended 12 – 15 minutes, and then for another 15 minutes after that.  I think ours took longer because some of them were very thick.

They came out of the oven, cooled down and had ribbon threaded through them. After that we hung them on the tree!  Darlek insisted that the bird shaped one went on the same branch as the bird’s nest one, which I thought was incredibly sweet.

Both Santa and the Yummy Dough biscuit are unlikely to survive beyond Xmas day.

So, what do I make of Yummy dough?  Right, let’s get the negatives out of the way first.  Not that there’s many or anything.

Presentation!  I wish they’d made the individual plastic bags look prettier, and that they’d had the actual colours written on them in child friendly print, rather than serial numbers that would have looked more at home on the side of a tin of paint from B & Q.  And the syringe, oh dear.  It looks medical, it is medical!  I’ve used similar ones myself for administering Calpol.  Surely it would look better if it was in a bright colour at least, and had doses of water marked, rather than numbers of milliletres on the side.  There was something rather disturbing about seeing my daughter in charge of a syringe. The bucket itself looks fun and is packaged so well for kids, the contents just don’t match up I’m afraid.

Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree, how Yummy are your Branches! *sings*

The positives!  It tastes quite nice, rather like very, very sweet scone dough mixture.  It dries up very quickly when it crumbles and falls on the floor so it can easily be hoovered up, much easier than playdough I found.  The dough moulds fairly easily into shapes, rather like the consistency of stout ginger biscuit mixture.  Once baked it felt very sturdy and like the decorations would actually last for quite a while.  I reckon, uneaten, they’d survive until next year if not beyond.  The cooked dough felt as tough as salt dough if you’ve ever come across that.

So, that’s what I thought at least! If you’d like to buy some of this Sarah and Luisa Yummy Dough you can find it HERE!

I also recommend that you have a look at their fabulous, beautifully done Yummy Dough website, it’s really quite adorable and a useful resource if you’re thinking of how to use Yummy Dough with your kids.


I was given some Yummy Dough to review and inadvertently stick in my hair, no other financial reward was given.


2 responses to “Making Xmas Decs with Yummy Dough!

  1. Ah but then you have to eat the stuff! I will be doing a post on this soon as Santa brought the kids some, against my express wishes I may add!

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