12 Days of Christmas – A Pack of Wild Animals!

12 Days of Christmas –

A Pack of Wild Animals from Schleich!

I’ve left the best for last! Day 12 of the Christmas inspiration list brings you a pack of Wild Animals from a company that sounds like someone sneezing.  (Don’t tell them I said that…)

Bless you!

These Schleich toys go right back to the traditional toys children have played with for generations.  This company has an unbelievably huge range that I’d definitely recommend you have a look at – the ones I have today to show you are Wild Animals.  There are so many more to look at though!  I have to say, they are my absolute favourite of all the toys I’ve written about over the 12 Days of Christmas.   Their website is HERE and the toys range from £2.75.





I honestly think you couldn’t possibly get a nicer stocking filler than these, apart from a Tangerine of course.  They are well painted, detailed, good quality, cute, anatomically correct (no huge bog eyes here!), really, really nice. They are the sort of toys that will last for years too.

In all truth, I’m very tempted to buy a sandpit, some pot plants and set up my very own jungle / desert and populate it with Schleich toys.  They are perfect for imaginative play.  Love them, love them, love them!

2 responses to “12 Days of Christmas – A Pack of Wild Animals!

  1. ok great post (I have a friend who bought some of these for the girls for xmas) but why are the lions “tigery” surely liony or roary or something have been better 😉

  2. I shall edit my post according to your excellent observation. Roar!!!

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