Christmas Tree!

Christmas Tree!

Today we put up the Christmas Tree!

The kids climbed on the sofa and a very sturdy table to reach our tree and scared Horace and I out of our wits.  Darlek placed all the chocolate santas very high up so her brother couldn’t reach them (you have to admire her logic).  Sausage put tons and tons of baubles on the same two branches for reasons known only to himself.  The Kitty got tinsel rage and pounced a lot.

'Sparkly Tinsely Treey Bedlam!'

Horace and I sat there making intelligent suggestions such as:

‘Don’t stand on the window ledge, the sofa is high enough.  Whoooooooaaah!’ 

‘No you can’t decorate kitty, he doesn’t like it’

‘Stop it! You can’t hang advent calendars on Christmas Trees!’

And a gem of a conversation totally unrelated to Christmas too (I can’t not record this, it made me grin loads)

Horace: ‘Sausage, your pants are falling down, you look like a rapper’

Sausage: ‘I not a rapper, you a rapper!’

Horace: ‘You don’t even know what a rapper is!’

Sausage: ‘I do!  He someone who’s pants fall down like this!’   (Sausage drags on his waistband a bit showing Thomas the Tank Engine undies. 

Anyway, the kids are now in bed and I’m left with a sparkly devastation area.   Kitty is in cardboard box / tinsel heaven.

By the way, we do still have kitty although he’s on his last chance. The vets say he possibly has IBS and the very last thing that could help him (before surgery and massive vets bills) is high doses of steroids.  So he’s on two tablets a day now and hopefully things will improve.  It seems he might have something very similar to Colitis.  You see, Colitis can be inherited and he is my furry baby after all.  I do hope that this helps you know.  I’d love it if he could have one more Christmas with us.  As long as he doesn’t try climbing the Christmas tree that is…

6 responses to “Christmas Tree!

  1. That is hilarious!! Well at least it’s done, so once you’ve tidied up you can tick it off the list of things to do and the tee looks lovely!

  2. Such a funny scenario. hope it’s all sorted now 🙂 night x

  3. is that my empty cake plate at the front? your a nutter!!

  4. Perfect!

    Just perfect x

  5. Poor pussy. I was hoping we’d have Biff (the Boxer) for Xmas (as a pet, not lunch!), but it was not to be, so I do know how you feel. I know you’re a bit of an expert on these things, but I know someone with a cat with IBS who uses liquorice (natural, not Allsorts) and says it seems to help. Hope your tree lasts til Christmas!

  6. yay you got your tree and sounds like you all had grt fun putting the decs up x
    And poor kitty hope you manage to get him sorted x

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