12 Days of Christmas – Morbs!

12 Days of Christmas! – Morbs!

Day 10 of the Christmas inspiration list!  Morbs! Personally I think the name is horrendous, if I said ‘I’ve got Morbs!’ you’d maybe think they were some race of super nits I reckon. But no!  They are Battle Morphing Orbs that look like this:

Morbs - A Super Sonic Jet! Not a type of Indestructible Nits.

From reading the packaging it seems the Morb is the little man pictured with the big yellow sunglasses / flight goggles.  Also, from a quick Google it seems they come in all shapes and sizes and are one of those ‘Must Have!’ toys this year.

Google images also brought up an image of someone with Moobs (If you don’t know what they are, you’re in for a giggle), I presume someone was having a bad spelling day.

So anyway!  These apparently ‘Transform, Shoot and Crash!’ and are suitable for ages 3 +.  My youngest is most certainly not going to get a lifesize helicopter, no matter how many times he asks, so this will have to do!  It actually looks really cute and what child doesn’t like a toy plane?

Perfect as stocking fillers, these ultra collectable orbs transform and instantly morph into a fun fantasy character. Little ones can roll, throw, blast or bounce the ball to discover the big headed, small-bodied warrior inside!”

If you’d like Morbs for Christmas (much nicer than Mumps or Moobs) you can find them HERE from Flair from £2.49


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