Is it Spring Yet?

Is it Spring Yet?

Never in all my parenting life have I called a taxi to get to nursery & school to pick the kids up – but today I’m tempted.  As I type and peer out of the window just in front of me, I’m confronted with what looks like the inside of a washing machine.  It’s so wet and windy it’s unbelievable!

The wind is making roaring noises. the plants in the front garden are whipping to and fro, the rain is scuttering in drifts up and down the road, no-one is out and about apart from cars rushing down the road making noises like a rough sea breaking on a rocky shore.   Sounds poetic, looks downright scary!  I know I have to spend about an hour and a half out walking in it this afternoon and I also know I am going to be soaked to the skin and that the kids will flatly refuse to keep hats on, keep their gloves dry or stop jumping in puddles.

Is it spring yet?  Because it HAS to be soon.  We’ve only just made the tentative steps into Winter and I’m already pig sick of it.  I want sunshine!  I want flowers!  I want swallows scything through the sky!  I want blue skies and fluffy clouds.  In fact I think I want to live in Hawaii.  NOW.

Can someone buy me a plane ticket please?  I’m willing to swap a shed load of old car boot stuff and 20lb of damsons in return?  Save me from the weather!!!


4 responses to “Is it Spring Yet?

  1. These are the days where I am heartily glad that I don’t have to do the school run yet!

  2. Today has certainly been a shocker! I hate the wind. Happy with cold & even wet but not the wind. When you get your ticket – can I fit in that LARGE suitcase you will be taking with you!

  3. the schools here were shut today, decision made before school started this morning. Its not just you to worry about in the wind, a guust hitting your kid near a road and they are under a car before you can do a damm thing about it, Hope you managed to get a taxi ok.
    Its these nutters you see on the tv who take their kids down to the sea front to watch the waves battering in and risk them being dragged out to sea.

  4. Oops, I have been one of those nutters by the sea watching waves crashing……mind you we’ve never done it in really bad weather!

    This post sadly brought to mind that godawful “song” …now what were the entire lyrics again?

    “I whip my hair back and forth ad infinitum!”

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