A Christmas Competition, Courtesy of Yours Truly!

A Christmas Competition, Courtesy of Yours Truly!

As you may have noticed the Brink of Bedlam has been as chaotic as ever this year – you have been treated to toy reviews, family life rants, photography articles, recipes (sane and insane) and creative writing excerpts.  I once read somewhere that a blog is a direct reflection of the author’s life – well I must be very random and erm…I have a broken link. Now, now, don’t you dare laugh!

I have to admit, the one thing I love more than anything is hearing that you’ve enjoyed the posts, or that they’ve made you think or laugh.  It makes it all worthwhile.  In 2012 I want to carry on writing and making the bloggy journey worthwhile…..so I’m asking you for a little feedback in return for the chance to win £20 worth of Amazon vouchers.  This competition is only for current blog subscribers and UK residents (although I’ll make an exception for my mates @Slightlydoolaly and @Naviguesser)

All you have to do is comment constructively on the last year’s blogging exploits.  What did you enjoy most, what would you like to see more or less of for example?  More comps? More reviews? Less reviews? More creative writing? Less waffling?  More recipes, normal or ridiculous?  More link ups? More or less memes? Topical articles on parenting issues or articles on whatever topic is roaming around my head at the time.  Should the presentation be improved, should I focus on just one topic and do the ‘niche blogging’ thing?  Should I write shorter posts?  What do you think?

I’d particularly like to hear from people who haven’t commented before, there’s 124 of you in total and each and every opinion counts – and of course, every person who comments will be put in the draw which will be drawn randomly on the 12th December.  Obviously any and every comment will be noted, but pretty please don’t just say ‘ I think it’s crap’or ‘I think it’s good’  without saying why.

Without meaning to sound over the top, since having left work six years ago, this blog has been my biggest and most challenging project – apart from raising my two kids of course, that goes without saying.  My little blog means the world to me and I want it to be as good as it can possibly be.  Your help will be invaluable!

My decision is final by the way!  *stands arms folded and looks fierce*
I’ll write names on a piece of paper and get the kids to choose one, so it’ll be completely fair, promise. x

19 responses to “A Christmas Competition, Courtesy of Yours Truly!

  1. My honest thoughts?? I think you should be the one whose thoughts count, do what you feel you want to. It is your blog and as one of your subscribers and a fellow blogger I have been happy to read what you have written this far so if it counts for anything I think you’re doing a darn good job lovely @Bobbity666

  2. Am I allowed to say that I think you should continue as you are? I enjoy the mix that you have at the moment and the whole feel of your posts. You really make me laugh as well, which is the important thing I think!

  3. Oooh feedback…

    Let me think.

    What I love most about your blog is the humour. I think yours is the only blog I’ve ever read where I’ve literally been crying with laughter – on several occasions.

    I love your chaotic household tales, your crazy recipes and above all what’s going on in your life – good or bad.

    I consider you a real friend, so love that I can keep up with what you’re doing. xx

  4. I love your blog. it reflects life and who you are.
    You are someone who is being you, and blogging for you.
    Don’t change it x

  5. I like the reality of your blog. Even reviews are punctuated with witty observations of real life. I look forward to reading more. And I’d like more gardening. I enjoy those the best!

  6. I haven’t ever commented before but I read each and every one! I think they are great they are obviously honest, funny interesting blogs by a normal (if there is such a thing lol ) person, and I feel people can relate to what you write as a lot of it we all need, have been through/done or are interested in
    There’s a good mixture of a bit of everything in there and that’s the kind of blogs I prefer to read
    I think it’s great what you do and keep up the good work 🙂
    Oh and I’m trying to get into the festive spirit today by putting up my Christmas decorations with my 4 little monkey so HAPPY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE! Lol xx

  7. Don’t you change a thing…I think I speak for all of us here in saying that reading about your lovely madhouse of a family always brings a smile to our faces, and those crazy stunts you do, well, online life just wouldn’t be the same without you! 🙂

  8. yes I agree with the others, love the blog, the postings, the good days, the bad days, the humour, it just relects your life, your thoughts and feelings and thats what your blog should be – you unwrapped, raw, and complete with your broken link a force to be reckoned with.
    I like others have sat crying with laughter and what you and yours get up to, from chickens with cans up their a**es, to pee in shoes, to the garden posts and the declarations of insanity that we get.
    Kay and her family to a tee – please dont ever change that, I like others who have gone before me look on you as a great friend and love you just the way you are (did that not come from a song…anyway)

  9. Love all your writing, but you are definitely at your best when relating tales of your everyday life. Remember “the jam”, “the Homebase fiasco “,”the salmon in the dishwasher”etc. More please. Maybe a weekly diary type ?xx

  10. Just keep being you, it’s what makes your blog readable and honest. 🙂

  11. jane "missdaisy"

    You know kay i love your blog the way it is i regulary pop in for a good giggle at your posts about family life etc dont think you should change a thing the brink of bedlam is what it is and thats your fab ramblings about your family life 🙂

  12. I love your honesty. I admit to not reading very many reviews (hey, I’d skip my own if I could 😉 ) but at least I know I’ll get the full story from you and there will probably be a giggle in there too. I do prefer the non review stuff though.

  13. I love reading your blog, and always brighten up when I look at my emails and there’s a new one from Brink of Beldam. My favourite posts are the ones about your family life, whether they are just chatty posts or reviews. Keep up the good work – what you do is unique and it would be a great pity to see it change.

  14. julie buttonf1fan

    Kay the best bit is you are so funny! I’ve loved the daft things you’ve done, dishwasher salmon and botathon.

    You really make folk smile, change NOTHING please. There are a few reviews comps and personal things, kids crafty stuff or cookery. It’s a good mix of things here. Only thing I dislike is you use wordpress not Blogger, my phone doesn’t load it right. :p

  15. In all truth, I expected people to list things they didn’t like, stuff they found irritating, and be a lot more critical than they have been. I am absolutely amazed that you’ve all been so positive so far. Thank you! Maybe it’s harder to be negative for fear of offending me, but as long as the comments are constructive, that’s fine too. I don’t mind even if people say that they are only here for the ocassional comp or two.

    I’ve been genuinely touched. You’re all really kind. xxx :O)

  16. I’m a relatively new subscriber, but have really enjoyed reading your blog so far, its provided me with moments humour and reality and fun at times that I have really needed it. You seem very honest in the way you talk about your life and the products you review which is really helpful. Keep writing and I’ll definitely keep reading 🙂

  17. I love your honesty.
    You tell it like it is , in a humourous way.
    I also love your competitions!

    Please keep up the good wor for as long as you enjoy! XxX

  18. first who gives a f*ck what other poeple think hehe its your blog write what you want but I do know what you mean and there has been times when I have actually thought about my readers and wondered if they would like me to do something different.

    I subscribe to you by email and I always read them which is weird for me but you write catchy titles and that works for me, I started reading you after a random twitter conversation about *sprite (I think) and a chicken’s bottom. I am also an associate reader on lovehappyendings when I get a chance (which is almost never) I love your writing style it draws me in and you have a way of making even the boring stuff like reviews read well and I have actually thought of buying something based on your reviews which is unusual.

    I love your haphazard content its not just normal life with you it is all the weird bits, the fun bits and food (by the way more silly recipes please, not for me to copy obviously just to read about how silly you are)

    I enjoy the fact your blog is clean and not too fussy and your sidebar is not getting a bit crowded like some.

    In general I love your blog and it is one I read all the time, a blog is generally about a writing style and not the content. The worst writer in the world can make a brilliant post rubbish and visa versa so keep doing what you are doing and I will keep reading.


  19. The randomly drawn winner was Val McDonagh! Congratulations and pls could you forward me your address so I can get the vouchers sent over :O) thanks to everyone for their comments, all really appreciated. xxx

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