Makedo – Find and Make Car!

Makedo – Find and Make Car!

Good evening Ladies and Gentlemen, thank you for joining me at this auspicious occassion: the launch of the Brink of Bedlam’s new and highly innovative Makedo Motormobile, courtesy of the Toytastic Toyjeanius!!!!!    (Cheer please….)


The equipment used to make this consisted of highly sophisticated mode of transport were as follows:

A Cardboard Cutty Saw Thing, Plastic hinges, Plastic nuts n’ bolts and Clips – All mechanics must be 3 yrs or over. 

Younger mechanics are easily distracted. As chief engineer I coped with the chaos by pulling my hair out. Box bedlam!

We did use scissors in addition to the supplied cardboard saw cutty thing, but only with strict supervision.  It’s not essential to use scissors, but it certainly speeded things up a little.

The project manager supervised throughout by checking each individual cardboard box for quality control purposes:

Every part of the process was inspected very carefully.

Here’s how the nuts and bolts were inserted.  Using the end of the cutty saw thingy, jab a hole through the cardboard and push the drawing pin shaped thingy through, secure with the plastic bolt thingy.   The process is shown here:

We found that the older mechanics are more suited to this kind of work.

Go faster stripes are essential!

The kit we used came with some snazzy stickers shown here:

Who needs knobs and dials when you can simply use tons & tons of stickers to control a car!

And this….madam and monsieur……is the finished car!

On your marks......get set.........go!!!!!! (Well, at least pretend to 'Go!)

This car is recycled, emission free, environmentally friendly, contains re-usable parts, has style, panache and above all contains fun.  You’d be mad not to drive it!

If you’d like your very own Cardboard Car it is only £9.95 and you can buy one HERE!  Your model may look vastly different to ours, it all depends on what boxes and props you can find, and your imagination.  Drive one home today!

Toyjeanius sent me this very unusual, quirky, Makedo Car to review, no other financial reward was given.  This is a very safe mode of transport, and there’s  no insurance or license required. Neat! :O)


4 responses to “Makedo – Find and Make Car!

  1. That is great! It looks like so much fun!

  2. That does look rather cool! I am very impressed with te end result and it seems very organised! Not sure my boys would have the patience though!

  3. love it! what ages does it suit? 2 yr old godson and his mum?!!

  4. julie buttonf1fan

    I want one!

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