12 Days of Christmas! Science Kits for Girls!

12 Days of Christmas!

Wild Science for Girls!

And a Giveaway too! 

Day 4 of the 12 Days of Christmas inspiration list includes…drum roll…..ta-daaaah!

A Moisturising Laboratory – make your own Fabulous Purifying Treatments from Interplay.  Discover the Secrets of Cosmetic Science!

Obviously for girls - the packaging is pink! (grimaces)

This is a kit that would be fabulous for a girl who is interested in science and erm….cosmetics? Or a boy who is interested in science and cosmetics!  They are obviously aiming at the female market because of the lurid pink colour.  I mean, only girls like pink don’t they? (Kay pulls a face and grins sarcastically)

I could go off on a rant about toys and sexism, but I won’t.  I’ll leave that for another day.  Needless to say – if this is the sort of thing your child is into – they will love it and you can buy it for £12.99 from HERE!

Or you could win it right here instead!  All you have to do is tell me your favourite colour and why in the comments box below.  Make sure you include your Twitter name or some way of contacting you (don’t write out your email address though! Spammers can pick up on email addresses written out in full)

For two extra entries you can subscribe to the blog, and tweet ‘I have entered the Brink of Bedlam blog comp for the Girls Wild Science Kit! #wildscience http://wp.me/p1d7pP-I3’

Please include what you have done in the comments box, ie ‘Tweeted, subscribed and commented’  Thanking you!

This competition will be drawn at random and will end on the 12th December at 24.00  UK Residents only.


19 responses to “12 Days of Christmas! Science Kits for Girls!

  1. Favourite colour has to be pink! And my little girls is too 🙂 everything has to be pink and princessy lol
    Have already subscribed to your blog
    And retweeted your link as @emmajones84
    Great comp thank you xxx

  2. I don’t really have a favourite colour – I don’t have a favourite anything, cos there’s loads of good stuff out there. I tend to prefer brown and purple though. And blue. And I quite like grey. Oh and green, I wear a lot of green.

    Been subscribed for ages and tweeted! Weirdly, The Boy would love this prize!

  3. Blue. Or maybe purple. A good strong colour anyway. Already subscribe and tweeting now.

  4. my favourite colour is dark purple because it is amost like lack but slightly warmer plus the colour suits me which makes a change. subscribe via email.


  5. My favourite colour is purple, why? Umm cos it’s not pink but it’s still quite girly. I’m kidding myself that purple is the ‘deep and meaningful’ version of pink 🙂

  6. Commented, already subscribed and tweeted as @gail_forse x

  7. My favourite colour is Teal. Very specific I know 🙂 I have commented. I’m already subscribed and I have tweeted @RedRoseMummy 🙂

  8. Favourite is Green – don’t know why though 😉 @Bobbity666

  9. My favourite colour is red because I cant help smiling whenever I see it! It also goes with lots of other colours, especially black and brown, so can be as loud or quiet as you like.

  10. jane "missdaisy"

    hmmmm i love all colours tbh but i guess since having katie pink has appeared in our house more than any other colour 🙂
    have also tweeted @missdaisy32
    Thanks for the fab giveaway x x

  11. this is question that my 9yo daughter keeps asking me. i dont know why? i wonder if she is hoping that i will forget what i said the last time she asked me.i always say red. its ballsy, confident and makes me smile when i see it in paintings. its also a great colour for lips and cheeks! great giveaway. have tweeted. @capegem_news

  12. My favourite colour would be blue – so many shades from nearly black navy to powder blue!
    Subscribed to blog and tweeted @staffstechgirl

  13. wendy stanger (@kikicomp)

    Tweeted, subscribed and commented @kikicomp

    fav colour is red as always makes me feel happy – though I must admit to liking a bit of bright pink too but do agree why all girl things have to come in pink is beyond me & whilst I’m ranting too why do they have to have separate toy sections for boys and girl

  14. The randomly chosen winner is Marcia Hughes! Marcia please contact me with your address and I’ll get this sent out to you ASAP! Congratulations! :O) Kay

  15. Wow, thank you! What e-mail should I send my address to? Can you see the e-mail address I’ve replied with?

  16. Marcia, I’m presuming you’re on Twitter? Pls could you DM me with your address? I’m @Chaoskay. I’ll sort it as soon as I can! :O) x

  17. Lovely, I’ve Tweeted you aasking for you to follow me so I can DM you. Thank you for the fab prize!

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