12 Days of Christmas! Mould & Paint Christmas!

12 Days of Christmas!  

Thanks to UKMumsTV! 

Day 3 of the 12 Days of Christmas inspiration list includes a ‘Mould & Paint Christmas!’  Darlek is very crafty (in  more ways than one ;o) as are many children – I think this will be great for keeping her entertained over the Christmas Hols.  If you’d like a minute of calm to enjoy a mince pie or two, this project could be the perfect gift for your little one.

Plaster Fridge Magnets & Ornaments Moulding & Painting Kit

This is for ages 5 and over and with a bit of effort, will mean you have lovely festive magnets to decorate your bulging Christmas fridge.  (the fridge will match my bulging waistline by the end of the Christmas period too no doubt!)

If you’d like one of these kits you can find it HERE and it is £6.98 from Great Gizmos.  There’s a whole range of them from 4Mould&Paint so you’ll be spoilt for choice.


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