12 Days of Christmas! Thanks to UKMumsTV!

12 Days of Christmas!  

Thanks to UKMumsTV! 

The second toy on the 12 Days of Christmas inspiration list is Mission Earth from Gibsons!

Earth Heroes Wanted!

I particularly love this one because of the environmental theme, something I think is very important for kids to learn about.  I reviewed one of their ‘My Body’ jigsaws a while ago and was very impressed with the thought that had gone into it, and the quality.  If you’d like to read that review, please click HERE!

A little bit about the game: 

‘For too long adults have been messing up the planet by using all of our precious resources, now it is time for the kids to take charge and rescue Earth.  The Earth heroes have time travelled and seen what Earth will look like in 2259, unless we act now before it is too lat!  Travelling through space and time, your mission is to make your way back to Earth from the polluted planet to save it from destruction! 

TEAM PLAY  We can only save the planet if we work together.  This game includes a team play mission, should you choose to accept it. 

NO WASTE  The box becomes the game board.  Almost all of the components are made from recycled materials.  No plastic anywhere!  Made in the UK’

In my experience, this company produces environmentally friendly, well thought out, quality products. I'm very happy to promote them!

This bit really stood out to me!  I think that it’s admirable that this game was created as a result of a Young Enterprise project by students from Oxford High School.  Years ago I was involved in a Young Enterprise project, and I know how excited we would have been if our idea had gone into production.  I’m sure they’re proud of their achievements!

You can find this board game HERE</a> for £17.65.  Perhaps a nice game to settle down to on Christmas Day after dinner?


One response to “12 Days of Christmas! Thanks to UKMumsTV!

  1. Having great fun and inspiration reading your 12 Days of Christmas! Thanks for the read!

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