Odd Nursery Rhymes, Peehouses and Christmas Panicking

Odd Nursery Rhymes

Peehouses and

Christmas Panicking

My son’s stick obsession is getting so out of hand.  He has a huge pile of them outside the front door now, and says that they are so he can make a ‘PeeHouse’ (Treehouse).  It’s unfortunate that his nickname is Sausage and he can’t say his S’s. Anyway, when in a mood on the way from school, he’s whipped both me and his sister around the ankles a few times -I may have to think of some way of curbing his fascination with them.  Anyway there’s another desirable present for Christmas for your kids!  Sticks! They’re everywhere, they’re free, environmentally friendly, recyclable and double up as swords, guns (rolls eyes), magic wands, dragon taming sticks and they are great for making dens and Peehouses.

In other news I’ve had both kids on the case with clearing out their toys and clothes that don’t fit so I can go to the carboot sale down the road at the sports centre.  The aim was to make room for the Christmas influx of stuff.   This particular activity has involved no small effort and means that our landing is now partially blocked with stuff in plastic bags all destined for different places – charity shop, friends, car boot, bin for example.  Unfortunately all this sifting was for nothing too as it turns out we won’t be around on the day of the car boot so I’m going to have to cancel our booked table.  Typical me and my total lack of organisation.  I’m going to have to find my diary and start filling it in, so I know what I’m doing from one day to the next.  December is always particularly manic so this is a very good time to start getting a grip on things, or at least trying to.

In the meantime there’s a huge pile of bags just lying around being tripped over and raided by my two who refuse to admit they no longer need their baby books or tops that are about 3 sizes too small.  Roll on the end of the week when I can harass Horace into taking things to the charity shop.  I’ll just have to consider it as our donation to a good cause for the year and forget about booting cars.

I cannot believe that it will be Christmas at the end of the month! I am so unprepared it is downright spectacular!  Today I managed to sort out the kid’s advent calendars so that’s one thing I’ve done at least.   Darlek wants to decorate the entire house NOW, THIS MINUTE and doesn’t understand why I go a slightly funny colour and mutter about ‘later’.  I just find the whole upturned box of tinsel and decorations a bit of a nuisance.  Plus they always want to put tinsel up where I can’t reach and I have to balance precariously on step ladders with arms full of sparkly stuff, cellotape, drawing pins and tinsel – which scares me a little.  Just call me the Grinch!

Sausage keeps going on about how he wants it to snow and seems to think that Father Christmas will refuse to turn up if it’s not knee deep in the fluffy stuff outside on Christmas Day.  I’ve reassured him that Christmas Day will come, snow or no snow, but he’s definitely concerned about a now-show due to no snow.  Mind you, he does know who Father Christmas is which is progress! I seem to remember Darlek thinking Spiderman was going to deliver her presents when she was really little.  It’s more practical if you think about it.  Who is more likely to fit down a chimney?  Some overweight bloke or a lithe lycra clad spidery superhero?  I know who I’d put my money on.

Speaking of spiders, there’s a very wierd variation on a nursery rhyme being sung in our house.  For the life of me I can’t work out where it originates from.  It goes like this:

Incy Wincy Spider Climbed up the Meatballs, Down came the rain and washed the spider out, out came the sunshine that dried up all the rain……and Incy Wincy Spider climbed up the Meatballs again.  

Horace and I haven’t instigated this, neither has Darlek.  Where this version has come from is completely beyond me.  I think one of the nursery staff is going quietly crazy and has been teaching the kids this.  It’s the only explanation I can come up with. Mind you, the stress of dealing with 20 odd hyper kids is bound to get to them at some point I suppose.

I think I’ve gone on enough, so I’ll stop now.  Just to say in January I hope to have cleared my review backlog and I’m planning on writing about more things that are family related then.  I hope you are finding the review posts vaguely interesting at least!  I’ve got my new review blog up and running (Bedlam Rules) which you can find here – it’ll be put to good use in the New Year and will hopefully leave more room for posts on here that I’m a little more passionate about.

There’s a post on there at the moment about Mu Cheese you may or may not be interested in.  It’s a great introduction to how I intend to run my review blog – I shall post honest, fun, detailed, truthful product reviews.  The Mu cheese was a tricky one to start with for sure.  Please click HERE if you’re curious.

And that’s me done for the evening.  I’m now going to go and have a hot bath, watch the Big Bang Theory and banish all thoughts of Christmas…just for the moment.  I’ll be back on the Christmas bandwagon tomorrow though!  I need a treeeee!  I need sparkly lights!!!  I need a recipe for mulled wine!!!  I neeed to buy pressies!!  I neeed to stop panicking!!!  Help!


3 responses to “Odd Nursery Rhymes, Peehouses and Christmas Panicking

  1. tis the season as they say and I always panic!

  2. You don’t need a recipe for Mulled Wine, just buy the pre-made stuff in the supermarket. Life’s too short to make your own.

  3. My eldest loves sticks too, I think she’s collected every stick (branch, half a tree…) on the route from school to home – I keep trying to lose them… 🙂

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