12 Days of Christmas! – Thanks to UKMumsTV!

12 Days of Christmas!  

Thanks to UKMumsTV! 

Win RastaMouse! 

We loved his ziggy-zaggy tail!

Today is the 1st December and if you’re anything like me it’s the beginning of the whirlwind that is Christmas.  I’m tired even thinking about it all.  Presents, cards, food, plays, stockings, decorations, trees – none of which I have organised as yet.  Oops.  Someone throw me a strong length of tinsel will you?  I need to haul myself out of November and swing into December like a festive tarzan.  *Kay yodels like the screen star and frightens the cat*

Thanks to UKMumsTV I’ve been given a bundle of toys to kick start your toy inspiration.  I’ve been particularly stuck for present ideas for our two this year.  Darlek wants a mobile phone – not gonna happen!  Sausage wants a dog, not until hell freezes over!   Apparently Father Christmas is ready and willing to deliver both, but I’m going to intercept him half way down the chimney and refuse him  entry until he puts both mobile phone and puppy back in his sleigh for the next kid on his list.  Oh, I’m such a spoilsport!

The firsts toy on the 12 Days of Christmas inspiration list is ………..Rastamouse!  We thought he was a fabulous mouse when we reviewed him and I’m offering him up as a prize.  If you’d like to read the review, please click HERE!

All you have to do is comment here about your favourite Christmas toy and for an additional entry you can tweet ‘I’ve entered Brink of Bedlam’s Christmas competition for a Rastamouse Plush toy #Rastamouse http://brinkofbedlam.co.uk/’

You could subscribe to the blog too if you like, then you won’t miss out on further competitions in the future?  If you do, you’ll have an extra entry in this giveaway!

Pls comment saying what you have done in regards to entering the comp – ‘tweeted, commented and subscribed’ for example.  Thank you!

What you waiting for man?! (add Rastamouse accent)

This competition ends on the 12 Dec at 24.00, so you’ll have time to wrap him up for your little ‘uns.  UK Residents only.


19 responses to “12 Days of Christmas! – Thanks to UKMumsTV!

  1. My favourite Christmas toy has to be the one without batteries, makes no loud noises, and didn’t cost the earth – cardboard boxes! Failing that Playmobil is a firm favourite in our house!
    commented, tweeted and already subscribed!

  2. *Throws length of tinsel* We have a few wooden toys for Bud this Christmas which I’m hoping will be favourites. Much better than those that always need batteries. Commented, tweeted and already subscribed @RedRoseMummy

  3. Hi Hun love the competition:) Im also running a Christmas feature so feel free to pop over a try win £100 Argos Vouchers:) My fav Xmas toy as a kid was cabbage patch dolls and loving the monsters high at mo would have loved one of these as a kid lol (don’t tell daughter as will never hear end of it) Ive also tweeted and now subscribed.
    Thanks @clairelouise82

  4. Great question, I’m starting to reminisce about my childhood Christmas. Way back then my favourite toy was a Sinclair ZX Spectrum – cutting edge in the day! 1980s toys were fab!


  5. Pauline Rendell

    I loved my sindy horse when I was a kid! Have tweeted too – @LuckyThing13

  6. I love the sylvanian family toys, I used to play with them when I was little, now my girls are asking for them, so I have a good excuse for buying them again! Have tweeted as @HannahBartram1 and have subscribed.

  7. Favourite Christmas toy – well my favourite toy was always whatever my older sister had – a brunette Sindy doll comes to mind! As for my kids, I’m hoping the wooden dolls house will be the favourite this year x
    Commented, tweeted and subscribed. @gail_forse

  8. i loved my first bike, but also a sindy doll who i made little clothes for and built little houses. @mummylion

  9. i’ve tweeted, too @mummylion

  10. My favorite toy was a Transformers Optimus Prime (they were metal back then, not cheap ‘broken by boxing day’ plastic like you get now) I honestly thought that I would never be bored again ever. It was a truck AND a robot all in one. I still have it 25 years on (minus the fists and moon rover car) goes for around £100 on ebay.
    I think I got bored with it mid January to be honest when I discovered Nintendo

    tweeted as @slaptarze

  11. Ok, best Christmas toys… a bike. It might have been second hand, but I did not care.

  12. Forgot to say, tweeted and I already follow blog. @ButtonF1Fan

  13. One christmas we all clubbed together to buy a family computer (an Atari) now that was an awesome pressie.


  14. Ooooh I’d love to enter this competition.
    My daughter Keira , LOVES Rastamouse!

  15. I have also RT’d the message on twitter as @TheDizzyMama xxx

  16. My favourite Christmas toy was a garage it was awesome, 4 levels, ramps, lifts, it could be undone and rebuilt all sorts of ways. Loved that garage…… unfortunately it was my brothers present and not mine 😦 Still played with it though!

  17. wendy stanger (@kikicomp)

    tweeted, commented and subscribed @kikicomp

    My fav toy when I was little was a little blue record player – showing my age it came with the single long haired lover from liverpool and my parents were so pleased that record player had a repeat button on it!!!

  18. damn my last entry didnt work, stupid netbook.

    My favourite christmas toy was a board game, every year we got a new one and spent all christmas day playing it. I loved doh nutters with the silly elephant masks that was good memories, I subscribe, follow and tweeted


  19. The lucky winner of Rastamouse is Sarah Swain! Please contact me with your address and I’ll get him posted out to you as soon as I can :O)

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