Tesco Baby & Toddler Products!

Tesco Baby & Toddler Products!

In  front of me I have a bottle of  pastille pink Tesco Baby Moisturising Lotion, a pastille purple bottle of Tesco Baby Bedtime Babywash, and a jungly crinkly packet of Tesco Toddler Sticky Fingers and Messy Faces Clean Up Wipes.  On first impressions I particularly like the messy wipes because there’s monkeys on the packet.  I like monkeys.

I’ve been asked to review them, and before you say anything.  Yes!  I do know I don’t have a a baby!  You have to admit though, that a lot of these baby products are just as suitable for people of any age, as well as for babies.

First up for examination is the Tesco Baby Moisturising lotion pictured above.  After looking at the information on the back of the bottle, I notice it is Paraben free.  Yay!  If you want to know why this pleases me, feel free to trawl the internet for information on the subject.  You might be surprised by what you find.   It can be used as a cleanser or make-up remover too.  Why a baby would be wearing make-up is beyond me!  I’ve found it works well with a cotton wool ball on my own make-up though, it does help clear skin without drying it.

The cream itself is virtually the same colour as the bottle, implying there must be some colouring agents added to it – it doesn’t smell too strongly, and it easily melts into skin and moisturises beautifully without leaving skin greasy.  If I said it smelt like freshly washed babies you’d have an idea of the fragrance.

Next up is the Tesco Bedtime Bodywash.  This bottle stands easily upright, whichever way you put it down, which is very convenient when you have your hands full with a wriggly baby in a bath.  Once again the cream is the same colour as the bottle, so there’s colouring added, there’s also Sodium Laureth Sulphate on the ingredients list which is a little concerning.  Some brands do now try to avoid this chemical which is used as a frothing agent.  Having said that, it is again Paraben free which is a bonus. It is creamy and smells of lavender which we all liked.

It also says ‘ Suitable for Newborns’ on it which is something I take issue with.  From what I know, correct me if I’m wrong, it is generally recommended that newborn babies are washed simply with water.   Their skin is thinner than older children, and is therefore more at risk from allergies and reactions.  Considering this contains Laureth Sulphate I’d certainly only use this on older babies and children.  Having said that, I’m sure my mum used similar products on me when I was a kid and I’m still here – but I do suffer from sensitive skin and excema….   Make your own conclusions.   Most children will be fine I suppose!

Finally we come to the Tesco Toddler Sticky Fingers and Messy Faces Clean Up Wipes…..with added monkeys. I have two little monkeys of my own who will appreciate these I think.

First thoughts! They smell strong!  Very strong. As soon as I peeled back the little white plastic peel I could smell the perfume.  Don’t get me wrong, it’s nice, and reminiscent of banana flavoured sweets – but I’m always wary of strong fragrances in products.  I have sensitive skin so am more wary than  most I suspect.  I’d be careful not to use these too regularly on my two monkeys just in case they reacted to it.  I’d not be averse to carrying a packet of these around in my bag for occassional use though.

The wipes are about half the size of a normal packet of baby wipes and so are easier to carry about, there’s 30 of them in total and they’re a decent thickness too.  These are also alcohol and  Paraben free and are apparently suitable for sensitive skin, which surprises me, but I’m willing to be proved wrong.

I don’t know if these products have been tested on animals by the way, so that’s worth bearing in mind.  Overall, these are very good value products, just as good as the more expensive branded versions I suspect!

If you’d like to visit Tesco’s Baby and Toddler page – Baby Care & Share, please click HERE!


One response to “Tesco Baby & Toddler Products!

  1. Very enlightening, especially for first time parents who dont have a clue where to start. Like you said the baby lotion is also suitable for adults which i can testify because I regulary use it and if like me you are not bothered of smelling like a baby then go for it.

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