Sylvanian Families – Motorcycle and Sidecar

Sylvanian Families

– Motorcycle and Sidecar

I want to live in Sylvania! Someone turn me into a fox and shrink me!

George and Mildred Mulberry live in Sylvania, somewhere I have to admit, I would like to live myself.  It is an ‘adorable’ and ‘idyllic’ world  where there many other Sylvanian Families who are all ‘distinctive animal characters’ and live in ‘charming’ and ‘beautifully detailed homes.’   I should think the crime rate there is probably  minimal and I doubt anyone there ever gets sick bugs.  I want to BE a Sylvanian character and live in Sylvania, never mind just muck about with the toys.

*Feel free to do the irritating two wiggly fingers thing on each hand to indicate excessive use of speech marks* or alternatively *quote*.  But you see, I had to include the phrases on the packet, because they do describe these characters and their world perfectly.  These toys are sweeter than a bag of icing sugar, I love them, and I’m in two minds as to whether or not the kids will finally get them for Xmas.  I might just bob them on a shelf somewhere and coo over them occasionally.  I’m a meanie aren’t I!

No assembly necessary, just a few stickers to add (something kids love to do)

Say hello to George and Mildred Mulberry!

George and Mildred are dressed in cute little outfits that can be taken off and put back on again,  these clothes are made with tiny stitching and have velcro or elastic to help keep the toys dressed and decent.  They are lovely to the touch too, with fur that feels like peach skin.  These two both have movable legs, arms and a head that can be turned.  They feel very sturdy and I’m not worried about the kid’s accidentally dismembering them either and all in all, the quality is obvious.  The driving goggles are detachable too which is a fabulous touch.

Even the boot on the bicycle, and the front of the sidecar are well made.  They open and shut and store the other two lovely little acessories – a map for George and Mildred to follow and a manual for the maintenance of the bike and sidecar.

The detail and thought that has gone into them is very evident.  Here’s a photograph of the map and the manual that comes with these two characters.  They’re little press out affairs, that the children can fold themselves, so that George and Mildred don’t get lost on their journeys, and so that they can maintain their motorbike and side-car appropriately.

A manual for the sidecar and directions for George and Mildred. They won't break down or get lost in a hurry!

A map of the world I wish I lived in. It looks nice doesn't it.

There’s even stickers to decorate the bike and the sidecar, so it becomes personalised to the child that owns it.

Sticky stickers!

Anyway!  Here they are on an adventure.  George and Mildred are going on a day trip.  They can’t decide whether to go to the seaside or to go camping in the Lakes.

Decisions, decisions!

They eventually pack up their little tent, bob it in the boot and head out to the seaside.  It’s a bit cold so Mildred wears her scarf, and George wears his goggles to protect his eyes. Both wear helmets in case they have an accident, which surely must be unlikely in such an idyllic place as Sylvania.

A drive out out to the seaside for some bracing sea air!

The Sylvanian Families Motorcycle and Sidecar can be yours for £20.99, and you can find them HERE.  They are from Flair and there’s a whole range of exquisitely made Sylvanian Family toys for you to choose from.

What I want to know now is where can I buy a machine that’ll turn me into a fox and shrink me?   I bet it never drizzles in Sylvania and the school run is always short and sunny.

UKMumsTV sent me this cuter than cute little Sylvanian Family Motorcycle and Sidecar to review and pretend to drive around.  No other financial reward was given.


3 responses to “Sylvanian Families – Motorcycle and Sidecar

  1. This review made me chuckle…it was a little bit TOO real for me. My eldest has a retro caravan by them. Which she has because I saw it and had to have it. It’s the only way my OH will ever let me have one. I REALLY would love a campervan 😦
    George and Mildred look very cool!!
    A x

  2. Oh, I SO want one!
    Keep up the good work 🙂

  3. Great review! Always thought these would be diddly and delicate but seems not. Thanks

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