My First JCB App!

My First JCB App!

A bright, bold colourful app about building site vehicles!

I think all kids are at some point obsessed with big vehicles.  One of my daughter’s very early words was ‘Digger!’ I think.  However much they love them, they are unfortunately / fortunately, very unlikely to actually drive one – unless they are aiming for pre-school ASBO’s.

This is the beauty of this app, a child can at least pretend to be in charge of their very own JCB even if they can’t actually drive one in the real world.

My First JCB is a very simple set up with a very straightforward menu system, a 3 year old can easily find their way round it.

My First JCB app is very easy to navigate.

You can do a variety of things, and here’s a few examples:

A Colour-Your-Own JCB section!

Now, they’d never let you do that in real life would they!

Pair up the JCB's and other building site vehicles

This is a nice mini memory game that’s not too difficult for little ‘uns!

Choose which vehicle is best for the task! (shifting earth, flattening concrete, loading bricks etc)

Race your JCB by tapping on the screen!

Fit the right pieces to the right vehicles!

Simple jigsaws! Perfect for younger children.

My son loves this, in fact he’s become an iPad pest at times.  ‘Dad, dad!  Can I play my game?!’ accompanied with snatching at the iPad, has become a familiar refrain and activity.  Darlek loves it too, although it is a little too easy for her (she is nearly 7 though).

My First JCB app costs an unbelievable £1.49 from the App store HERE!  And I say that without a shadow of sarcasm.  I think it’s fantastic value for what it is, and I can say from experience that it’s great for keeping kids occupied on long car journeys and on rainy days.


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